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RT @PettyD_Huncho: You know wtf going on 😤😤. My boi @HallowTK been putting in work helping these 2 players grind. I cannot wait to se…
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RT @CollinsCeanice: After putting in so much in the past few months I just uploaded my first case study on behance. Your reviews are i…
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@KingLThaRula When I started to get curly beards bruhhh I couldn’t believe what I was putting on my Sims face befor…
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Do you remember dobi from coyyy’s 0 year old project FooterRonpa? I heard they’re putting him in Super Voidlings Bash
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Putting in a bit of time at #ReferenceDesk. May term has started, but so far things are pretty quiet.
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RT @VGBC_GimR: Hey guys! Got a huge announcement that I just couldn't wait to get out! We are putting together Ultimate's first…
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RT @TheCryptoLark: #bitcoin just made history by putting in 7 red candles on the weekly chart in a row! This has never happened befo…
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@FakeEvansEsq No son of mine is going to be putting pennies in his penny loafers. I'll send you some Krugerrands…
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RT @ElectionWiz: I can think of exactly zero reasons the U.S. should be putting boots on the ground in Somalia.
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RT @CoachJohnASmith: Austin vs San Antonio annual All-Star rival just got better thanks to NBA Star @JordanClarksons of the @utahjazz pu…
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@CortlandFB Looking forward to putting my hard work out on the field
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The world wouldn’t be scary if white people mind they business that’s the ones that’s putting harm to everybody
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RT @dustbin_nie: Putting on blonde wig snsd the boys sunny
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sometimes i have faith in humanity then other times i remember that there’s people out there who believe putting oi…
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Mary Lou putting in a early vote of no confidence in the self styled "First Minister (designate)" of Northern Irela…
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RT @TheDemCoalition: "It’s past destabilizing at this point. If the Department of Commerce’s investigation continues we run the risk of…
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Australia’s Covid death rate sits at one-tenth of America’s, putting the nation of 25 million people near the top o…
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RT @SimonMiller316: As YouTube has just stopped putting my channel in people’s feeds, I shall do it instead 😂. Fitness, gym tips, ran…
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