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Thank you @RealTalkKim for confirming my purpose in God's kingdom.
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RT @david8hughes: [inventing trees] Angel: what purpose do they serve? God: they give us oxygen. Also cats like to climb em Angel: ca…
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RT @fred_guttenberg: our families and not about us. Father’s Day is a day for us dads to remember our main purpose, and that is our comm…
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RT @xoxo_trishaa: I pray that this generation stops being ashamed to worship, talk, and post about Christ we were called to be set apart for a purpose .
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RT @waltshaub: So Trump is holding these kids as hostages to get his wall. Also, Lindsey Graham admitted on CNN on Friday that ano…
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RT @singularityhub: Ikigai and a Massive Transformative Purpose, as concepts, urge us to align our passions with a mission to better th…
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@ABC Please stop contributing to trumps insanity. This isn’t news and serves no purpose.
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RT @casas_jimmy: Thought for the day: Be kind in your intentions and you will find joy in your journey. Whatever your passion, whate…
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@kevvyko Travis Bickle does think being a hero or whatever will give his life purpose
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#Quoteoftheday #author #purpose
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RT @Daizha_Lankford: God didn’t just put me on this earth to “chase a bag and mind my business”. My purpose is far greater than any bank…
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RT @MyConservatism: @charliekirk11 I wish we conservatives could stop defending a president and a policy that does not need defending.…
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We are all beautifully handcrafted in his image. We are all different, there is not one that is the same, and that…
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RT @ABOOGlE_: I refuse to let other people's negativity get to me. My purpose is bigger than just the people around me.
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RT @AdrianXpression: Beyoncé is so CHILDISH lmaoooooooooo she did that shit completely on purpose because of the lyrics!!!!!
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RT @onhisleft: the purpose was to make fun of blackface , however, white people don’t get to make fun of blackface. they don’t get…
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RT @ChrishAlexis: your bag was secured before the ends of the earth were decided on. you're chasing things that are already yours. wa…
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