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@Wangari_Kimanii Proper gen z😅
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RT @ursHemanthRKO: Most Viewed Telugu Glimpses in 24hrs (Updated Views) 1. #GunturKaaram : 20.98M 2. #WhereIsPushpa : 20.45M 3.…
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Gosling clearly knows the proper number of buttons to leave open. #deepv #gooddaydc #BarbieMovie #Barbie #ken
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RT @reallygraceful: In the meantime, @MarcoPolo501c3 has a trove of leaked Hunter Biden content that never got proper recognition...MSM…
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RT @kingofSomaliaa: Ok 14.5.2023, I wrote: Why send them into battle without full weaponry when they could just wait till it arrives?🇸🇴…
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@BuildWithAdam The more people live, the more they realise that your definition is the proper one hehe
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RT @DeepikaBhardwaj: HISTORIC : President of India Smt. Draupadi Murmu @rashtrapatibhvn speaks about legal injustice to falsely accused…
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@RamavataramaArt @felfallen @Bumbotboi @Portergauge It's not accepting the bare minimum. Thinking they can make pro…
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RT @sgcfc23: When Real Madrid came knocking with bigger pay, he didn’t think twice about staying. Proper Chels 💙👏🏻
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@RebeccaGarnet12 Haha!! I don’t either; I’m too much of a disaster to get them on properly. 🤣 Plus, I already have…
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@BoSnerdley @MailOnline Dogs aren't a problem. Stupid humans are. If you can't take proper care of your animals, yo…
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@TheYamiks @CharlatanWonder Not just delayed, simply focused all efforts into making a proper singleplayer game ins…
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RT @OfficialShiva29: #कबीरजी_का_कलयुगमें_प्राकट्य Kabir Saheb lived on earth from AD 1398 to AD 1518. There are no proper records regard…
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@justinpodur Might as well just do a proper analysis of how the US empire follows an ISIS playbook.
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@RebeccaCreedy Proper English lady enjoys her stout cheers
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@RobbahollowM14 I’d rather not bother with this signing. He may turn out to be good who knows but I’d rather either…
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RT @soglossyyy: We all know who needs proper body cleansing nd it's definitely not jungkook
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RT @mensrightsbunny: According to this woman, this is abusive. You're now not allowed to ask to see or speak to the kids post split. You…
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Roger waters was fantastic last night, a proper, immersive gig, and so much better than when he did the Wall in 2011
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