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RT @pawanchamling5: On #GandhiJayanti let us pledge to re-affirm our commitment towards the principles and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.
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RT @benghand: #PLO THE LOSER: They signed #Oslo Accord, then did everything to undermine its principles, absconded with many…
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Principles over feelings.
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"The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke." — Jerzy Kosinski #Arts #QOTD
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@SonnieJohnson You hold me accountable and make me stick to my principles. You make me uncomfortable but that makes me better. Thank you.
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RT @JayCostTWS: This guy’s campaign in 2016 was about standing up for conservative principles. Now he’s endorsing O’Rourke.
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When people choose to follow their idols blindly on the basis of loyalty alone, instead of their own principles, wh…
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RT @andi_staub: Interesting Paper Principles of #Robotics: Regulating #Robots In The Real World #AI #BigData #design #fintech…
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#Insurance - The History And Principles #FrizeMedia #finance #money via @Charlesfrize
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RT @OlympianEye: Yes he is. People, PLEASE research who this guy really is and what he is about. Robert Francis O'Rourke (aka…
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Why Every Writer Should Learn Basic SEO Principles. via @contently #SEO #contentwriting
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Accountant Senior: Belcan Corporation - Anaheim, CA - SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Financial reporting and analysis. Budge…
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Amazon UK Hot News: #8: Principles: Life and Work |
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RT @Bernstein: In writing this story, I wanted to unravel a lot of the confusion about what's at stake in these high profile fight…
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RT @AndrewDeanHo: This belongs on every teacher’s desk. “Simple principles from the science of learning.” via @HarvardChanSPH’s Erin…
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We have no president! We have a third world puppet occupying an office that used to command respect and lead the wo…
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RT @BuckSexton: What’s funny is a lot of Democrats who have engaged in reckless slander, disregarded all principles, and shown a ma…
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Interesting Paper Principles of #Robotics: Regulating #Robots In The Real World #AI #BigData #design #fintech…
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@itsjswift In lower school we had a principle who would grab kids by the belt loop to take to the principles office…
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RT @TawheedRochdale: 🕛 Saturday @ 1⃣2⃣pm (Sharp) 📖 The 3 Principles Course 👤 @AbuMuadhTaqweem 📍 Castlemere Banqueting Hall 🔈 LIVE:…
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