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RT @kaaschan: 🔶💧, god of war morax/priestess of fertility ajax , trans!ajax ngl a favorite fic flavor of mine is when a god (th…
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RT @swipehiscards: My time will not be wasted anymore. Money upfront or don’t even bother! I don’t scam as a findom, so don’t try to s…
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RT @iamdareys: Our girl is save💃💃 We go harder for our hype priestess Phynation una too much 🙌 #Phyna #BBNaija
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RT @swipehiscards: Men are only to be used for their money. THAT IS ALL.
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RT @kdramadaisy: "a really powerful priestess can control people's souls and trap them to be helpless. if the priestess traps their…
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The boy from Blu's house for imaginary friends or whatever would be a medium and scryer (he uses crystal balls and…
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RT @aaliyahremyrat: tarot cards for the week of 8/7: ♈︎: 5 of swords reversed ♉︎: 2 of wands reversed ♊︎: judgment reversed ♋︎: the ma…
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@Highh_Priestess Haha tai hype le kane ko -0.1 bhaisakyo sed bhayo arko game ma captain rakhdinu 😂
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@YoGotti How do I get this paper
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@Highh_Priestess @ImAashib17 Free FPL league code !! Battle of the fantasy managers Classic league code : 4v3vvr H…
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the high priestess
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Look, ALL Literature has a genesis in Sumer. All of it. It began by anonymous writers then a princess/priestess wro…
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@GbndCh4 jin choyeon told mudeok that if a powerful priestess were to seal someone’s soul/energy even the most powe…
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テーマとしてのサーチカードが少ないのを逆手に取って《手違い》をメインから投入するわ! フフ…これでリチュアもイチコロというわけよ…!
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I’m a selfish born-in-winter banker who does table football and operates on legs!! My Corvette is a priestess and i…
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Mudeok is both Naksu and Buyeon. Making her one of the most powerful mage/priestess in AoS.
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RT @pkpseudo: rkgk Very minor redesigns of my two favorite Dusk enemies: The Priestess and Horror @DUSKdev @NewBlood
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RT @hyojoonation: What if Buyeon did something to protect Naksu's body as well? So Naksu could return or maybe Buyeon could transfer…
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RT @HillaryZMavuru: I am learning to be slow to anger I am learning to not be human but humane I am learning to be more patient I am…
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RT @Lakhi7777: " A really powerful priestess Can control them to be helpless If the priestess traps their power's Even the most po…
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