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RT @eva_kurilova: The mad dash when all the virtue signalers start trying to pretend they never supported sterilizing kids is going to be hilarious.
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@UnsilencedOrg More moronic nonsense from supposed academics. Instead of actually trying to address one of the big…
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RT @bbyxminie: just pretend it’s still spring or picnic season shhhhh rts are appreciated #skeppyjrfanart #badboyhalofanart
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RT @GL2814_3: The same way comics Avengers require you to pretend they are 'Earth's Mightiest Heroes' and anywhere near the X-Men…
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Bitches who pretend to like me always be wanting to speak so bad but u know U fucked up babygal
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Pretend that this is fake, it helps to kill the pain All that you want is different; all that you'll get is same
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@den_draft @BeardownCuz I’ll show you this instead and you can pretend those numbers actually tell you something
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RT @simon_ekpa: The message is very clear! There is no racism against Our natural resources but there is racism against Africa. We…
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@DannyDeraney Play in the creek and pretend to be a pirate
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@abrilgespinoza i honestly didn’t see any point in taking pics i felt like shit within that time and was already sa…
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RT @bi974_: i really pray that God protects us from people who pretend to love us when in reality they don’t.ones who are fille…
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I'm just gonna pretend working in a sweltering warehouse during these upcoming summer months is just practice for w…
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RT @jchribuisson: Encore un soldat conscrit #armenien blessé ce 21 mai après-midi, à la suite de tirs de l'armée azérie sur un poste…
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So I’m very very sad and broken but I will continue to pretend life is sunshine and rainbows so no one will know going forward :)))
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@aqualescence @sammydeforre @RealJackCassidy @KingHoo78221289 WCW once put Buff Bagwell's mom on a forklift, among…
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Nearing good ol' steady state.... DAE tail model output and pretend like they are doing something?
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RT @EIIisV3: Neymar has now become only the second player in history to score at least 100 goals for 3 different clubs and peopl…
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@KelleysCreation Pretend I didn't see her and walk away.
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@belet_seri The tendency for lefties to just let the right take issues like this that should be universal is really…
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