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@EP_President @RobertaMetsola @KnessetENG @Europarl_EN Get rid of the camera crew they cannot be trusted be very s…
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@Orny_ney Il se prend pour le boss mdr jusqu’à il parle du président comme ci c’est son pote
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RT @mmodiba10: Dr Zweli Mkhize has his own flaws but you can clearly see that there's a smear campaign against him. Every week the…
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RT @cwebbonline: President Biden and Democrats are making it happen even after 192 Republicans tried to stop them.
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@nytimes @tomfriedman If I were president Biden I would invite volodymyr zelensky to be secretary of state, while…
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@GOP Yes and that proves our borders are doing their job!! Thank you President Biden! You have done more that the f…
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RT @99Lives7: The only country our President is NOT defending is America.
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@jimmyspacev Kratom is my president
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RT @Jack_ng01: Peter Obi: I am not desperate to be the Nigerian president Nigerian youths: Sorry sir we are desperate on your beh…
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@Ike_Saul It's clear that your "analysis" is nothing but a hit piece. You just can't fathom the idea that all these…
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RT @Rudy_Servant: October 14: Today in 1982, President Reagan Declared Drug War, Which Deeply Affected Blacks
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RT @Kikokiki_txt: Gas per gallon in Germany is $8,27. I looked it up and found out that Biden is not the President of Germany.
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President Joe Biden embraces U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel afer landing at Yokota Air Base, Japan, Sunday,…
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RT @RepHerrell: Good news: Title 42 has been preserved again--for now. Americans shouldn't have to beg and plead with their Presi…
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RT @ABPNews: 'कुतुब मीनार परिसर में मिली हिंदू, जैन मूर्तियों को प्रदर्शित करने पर हो रहा विचार' #QutubMinar #Delhi
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RT @UrugwiroVillage: President Kagame has arrived in Davos where he is now attending a discussion on Sports as a Unifying Force featurin…
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RT @maddow: “He traces his son’s radical politics to former President Trump. 'I’m a diehard Trump supporter, that’s what I am.…
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RT @GhotkiPpp: District President PPP Ghotki @MirBabarLoond in village Bago Bhutto condoled with Office Superintendent District Co…
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RT @Kikokiki_txt: Gas per gallon in Germany is $8,27. I looked it up and found out that Biden is not the President of Germany.
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RT @CBBSomalia: #Somali people must stand with our next President @HassanSMohamud and give him a chance to continue the work starte…
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