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RT @splashobi: My 2nd Giveaway is now up! (Army Bomb ver. 3) To join: -Like and rt this post -Reply the reason why you loved bts…
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@fine0121 もうここのこのチヂミを何年食べ続けているやら。今日、例の村上隆と彌生ちゃん観て撮ってきたよ😆😆 あとでpostしますね❣️
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Broseph, I saw ur post & thought, "Why you gotta be like this?" so...baked with chocolate chips just for you 🍪
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Who was your first crush? — si Clarence ?? HAHAHHAHA
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I mean sa elpiyu — Di pwedeng isang person lang ih . Pantay pantay pagkafave ko sa Demi💯
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RT @MayaJama: The internet stinks, post n go live your life my gs 🕺🏾
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I want to do some more edits…but what of? More edits from Funny Story?
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cover naman ng huling sandali — sige kapag di na ako tinatamad! 😟
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@Wealth_Park Must have been hell of a monthly income :) Staying in a metro is itself an automatic tax of 30-50 percent on post tax income.
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RT @anonymous201504: 【独裁国家】文在寅大統領の悪口をSNSに投稿した軍人 侮辱罪で軍刑務所行きを宣告される~ネットの反応「これがサヨクが『成熟した民主主義』と絶賛した韓国の政治か…」「どんどん北朝鮮化が進んでるな…そのうち韓国で金正恩を批判しても刑務…
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Ang swerte nya sayo. Sobra — Hmm. Hindi naman hehe. There are times din na i failed bilang bebe nya e hehehe. At al…
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hi any tips for new shs students sa feu cavite? — Uhm una just be friendly and mag approach ka sa mga tao around yo…
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RT @_DCWorld: Win 🦇 To celebrate the ending of Gotham We are hosting a giveaway to celebrate the show! To enter... 🦇Follow us 🦇Re…
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Who was your first crush? — si ashley ata? HAHAHAHAHAHSHAHJSKSJSHFG
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Di mo nga nireplyan chat ko e — Ako nga din di niya nareplyan eh. Eme.
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RT @yumidesu_4649: ただ、秋篠宮のこれまでの姿勢や明仁天皇との距離の近さなどを考えると、秋篠宮のほうもこのままおとなしく黙らされるとは思えない。天皇vs安倍首相の対立は、秋篠宮vs安倍首相という形で引き継がれていく可能性は十分あるだろう。(編集部)
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📷 qlqsuggestion: [image description: two flat colour blocks with the text, queer people are...
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RT @KPCharityRide: ⭐ #GIVEAWAY ⭐ In TWO WEEKS, we hit the road for our 25th Anniversary #KPCharityRide! To celebrate, we're giving awa…
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RT @jUaNcRuZ2646: My dad is currently fighting for his life right now because of his cirrhosis and I would really appreciate it to a…
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