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RT @MeechFromPallet: 😥Full of cries giveaway 🥹 For your chance to win these singles Like 🫶🏾 Retweet 🫶🏾 Stay positive over the next we…
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RT @JamieBrysonCPNI: Discussing the unjust Union-subjugating Protocol with @VICE in the West Winds, Newtownards. In the area many mili…
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RT @SubjectKpop: Mina tested positive for COVID-19 😔 Just hope they get all the rest! @JYPETWICE
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@RafalutionXXI Reminds me of Australia, Aussie colors💛💚, like the miracle in Melbourne, 1st rd vs an Aussie, positi…
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Let’s hope Sweden and Finland can show their worth to the long lasting positive relationship they’ve had with the K…
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RT @DoveMenCare: Numbers don’t lie 👊 When you prioritize holistic and emotional self-care it can have a positive effect on everyone…
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@mohabwanees @LeagueOfLegends I have scientifically charted 5000 games, 4000 of them (that I did positive KDA) had…
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RT @POCX100: @UKBreturn @johnandi People are beginning to openly mock the PM, not one positive Tweet from the far-thick tonight.
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@Britishharley2 @Luca31404488 These two people don't care whether they receive positive or negative feedback. It's…
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@shrodiingerscat @hamzakbarki @omerkhankhalil @isannanmahboob Me and my team are extremely grateful for the positiv…
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@packersloren You’re always so nice and positive to everyone ❤️❤️
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RT @DMTLAND_: Sending all people my positive energy 🙏 We are all one 🤝
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The majority of Amber's movies have had negative reviews. There are only a handful of movies where she has had a po…
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RT @BLUPDATE2022: “Kinn Porsche The Series is supposedly not just one season. However, we still can't disclose or confirm anything in…
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RT @lasizwe: At least Bishop is trying to end the session on a positive note #ReaTsotellaMonday
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@CharlieBonobo Tbf so am I. It's very ominously positive
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RT @misayeon: Mina has tested positive for covid today. Have a safe recovery and get well soon 🥺 @JYPETWICE
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@BOKHAALED82 Stop feeding the negative people your positive vibes ✨💛
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Wishes Come true. Think positive. Faith moves Mountains. And then I FREAKING OUT.🙈🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣#SaveMagnumPI
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@unAuthoriiized Hope it's a positive and smooth transition for you
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