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RT @bbcbrasil: Lutero, o monge católico que abriu portas para surgimento de igrejas evangélicas
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RT @SollenbergerRC: George Santos’ lawyer in the Brazil fraud case had been previously convicted in connection with a gang execution. A…
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Published on YouTube: MIDI | DOUTRINAÇÃO EM MASSA | Dia 05 | 03 de Febreiro de 2023 @0800H | Portuguese Translation
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@JackBaptist This one was a Portuguese Man O’War jellyfish. A small colony gets washed ashore every now and then. T…
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RT @bbcbrasil: " 'Vape com vitaminas' é puro marketing de enganação" "O pulmão não é o trato digestivo para receber vitaminas. O…
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RT @HenriPrestes: Cold days in this small portuguese town
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RT @ESPNFC: 55-year-old Kazuyoshi Miura has signed on loan with Portuguese second division team Oliveirense. His professional c…
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RT @TeamCRonaldo: The only Portuguese captain to lift trophies for the National Team ever. That says it all.
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O que costuma ser pouco eficaz na hora de estudar? Reler e grifar, por exemplo
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RT @classicshirts: Incredible story. 55-year-old Kazuyoshi Miura signs for Portuguese second-division team Oliveirense on loan from…
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@malikainthesky if you need any help with portuguese, i will be happy to help btw, today in my english class i told…
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RT @OutOfContxtDubs: Show: Family Guy Language: Brazilian Portuguese Country: Brazil
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the books for spanish and portuguese were gotten by my dad after we moved to florida some years ago i just happen t…
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RT @bbcbrasil: 'Liberdade religiosa ainda não é realidade': os duros relatos de ataques por intolerância no Brasil
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RT @OutOfContxtDubs: Show: Family Guy Language: Brazilian Portuguese Country: Brazil
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@PuritanD71 @GregCha67942091 It was inspired by God himself, but not to the English only, but also to the Spanish i…
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A tentativa do Japão de trazer a OTAN para a Ásia-Pacífico é um passeio ao abismo
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