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RT @abdulrahman: حظ مِنْ راسَهْ غفى فوق الوِسادهْ وما في قَلْبَهْ حِقْد ظاهر أو دَفينْ وحظ مِنْ لا يُرْتجى مِنْه اسْتِفاده سالمٍ مِنْ شر طَعْن الغادرين
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Are richer churches willing to invest in their poor neighbor churches? Are they willing to say we believe that you…
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I’ve experienced this piss poor behavior myself. My decisions are constantly questioned by white counterparts who d…
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@J_Hannibal He came by for dinner tonight. Still won’t put his back leg down. Hard to see in the low light how the…
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RT @jodieegrace: bridesmaid (to a waiter): what a beautiful wedding waiter: yes but what a shame, the poor groom’s bride is an anti-vaxxer
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RT @DrShayPhD: This, this, this....thug....beat up and elderly women. I'm going to petition the Lord of Hosts for him to be caught…
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RT @express_shinano: 冠婚葬祭のマナーを調べれば調べるほど日本国民は虚無に翻弄されているなと思う 葬式に「80デニールのタイツは非常識!60デニールなら許してもらえるかもしれませんが…」ってなんだ 葬儀場にはデニール警察でもいるのか
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@LexFerran Oh boy I dunno what to be more worried about. Lex's evil eyes or the poor victims whose hips will be pounded to dust.
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My day has so far also included buying a new smartphone (my poor HTC One M9 had long since lost it's battery and ha…
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RT @joss: Got a few bucks? The little journo-terrorist could use a bit of help, so she can keep journo-terrorizing these poor…
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Turns out, nobody had *ever* explained the concept of double time to him and that despite what the drummer was doin…
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RT @nw_nicholas: Lots of nice comments about my work tonight, thank you. Fact is, I'm a friend to nobody. I'm angry, poor, on benefi…
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@wajeeharaza10 LMAOOOO I REMEMBER THIS 😂😭😂😭 and poor you, you were only in elementary school 😂😂😂
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RT @garciianaa: May that poor little baby Rest In Peace 😢 this is so heartbreaking
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@TheGraviter They sure as fuck act like one when someone who is mentally unstable gets their hands on a gun. It’s n…
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My poor baby probably has no more room in there😫 I’m not eating nomore crawfish this year
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omg first he took the funky pills and now he zap 😔🥺 poor jeno — poor jeno :(
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RT @garciianaa: May that poor little baby Rest In Peace 😢 this is so heartbreaking
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