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RT @rafatalam100: @Joydas This is a case of murder FIR must be registered against culprit police men along with gunda so-called gorak…
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RT @KERMlTNOW: if somebody has a voodoo doll of me and keeps forcing it to make poor life decisions please stop
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RT @cyreejarelle: I’m a librarian and this is actually the worst fucking idea ever. Libraries by Amazon would eliminate the most im…
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RT @briebriejoy: Two days in Kansas, several chats w locals, & not one conversation where folks weren’t immediately responsive to th…
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RT @hrcsomaliland: . @hrcsomaliland report highlights poor conditions of Naaso-hablood B (Istanbul) IDPs center in terms of the limite…
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RT @cnnphlife: The effects of Duterte admin's policies felt in urban poor communities
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RT @IamGMJohnson: I guess the headline “I hate poor folk” was already taken.
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RT @TLT16: That Amazon should replace libraries is also a prime example of how: 1) We favor the privileged over the poor 2) We…
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I’m so sad tho poor baby:((
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RT @DVATW: What a prize clown. The fact is that it this who were least well off who voted most enthusiastically for Brexit!
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@ygs_commish @SWRailwayAssist Mate it is 3 times the price of the rest of the network no luggage space, horrid trai…
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RT @lkretzel1130: .@Nigel_Farage 6) This is a poor and hastily done editing job, which I hope you could recognize.
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Rubbish. The people in Russia live better than in the US. The US has its oligarchs who control the wealth and deep…
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RT @meenukaul: Poor chap couldn't give his exams too
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@Sajjanlaunda And apart from the single test series that you mentioned, India had a very poor record anyway. So what’s your point?
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RT @aNameToCarry: I have never been so poor in my life.
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RT @JimMFelton: Is there any other way to spin this other than “millionaire protects his millions from Brexit whilst telling the po…
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@chrislee1878 Bad ain’t it. Poor lad needs to be taken out the light for a year and just get his head right.
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RT @CowensSteve: The leader of Qatar, where homosexuality is punishable by death and piss poor human rights is visiting the UK next…
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