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RT @NoLieWithBTC: Holy shit. This moment should be the end of Greg Abbott’s political career.
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RT @Satya91539128: Please @PMOIndia don't delay in SSR Case due to any political pressure Politics BWood Nexus InSSRCase
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RT @tifeStilIDey: BREAKING: Mr Party Supremacy and Naira bet owner Akin Alabi losing to a candidate who matched him Naira for Naira.…
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Keeping political ideology aside. I must admit ma'am I am your fan. If I am not wrong You played the role of Betal…
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RT @NoLieWithBTC: The moment that Greg Abbott said the Uvalde shooting “could have been worse” should be the end of his political career.
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@mtsw Seems a competent political party could brand "Trump-Uvalde Style Policing" but what do I know. They should p…
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We’ll also discuss the election's political fallout. Labor elected on its lowest primary vote in decades. A split i…
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RT @NoLieWithBTC: Holy shit. This moment should be the end of Greg Abbott’s political career.
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RT @JohnJHarwood: rarely does one event expose the emptiness of a political party's arguments as clearly as Uvalde has exposed Republ…
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Roger Stone, as in President Nixon's spin doctor and Trump's bestie/political strategist...gotcha. #cpcmaga…
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RT @agraybee: Biden is bailing out 12 million people with student debt and this is considered a political blunder because pundits…
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Self-proclaimed political analyst na laging natatalo ang manok.🤪😂
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RT @taderfxt: instead of character assassination, calling people “dumb” or “stupid” because of political line struggle, why not j…
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RT @scottbraddock: Every Texas Republican I've heard say it's not the time to politicize guns this week will be speaking at a politica…
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@my_name_is_jeph We all did Jeff. It’s alright!
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@PastorACQ @YouTube Thank u so much Pastor for always guiding us, not only in spiritual matter, but also in politic…
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RT @AAHSoomro: A child abducted from Bahria Town Lahore. STOP political posts for a while. RT this. @PTIOfficialLHR @CMShehbaz
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RT @LukangaSamuel1: As a variant of Marxism~Leninism until it was declared a distinct ideology, the #NorthKorean govt adapted Juche int…
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