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RT @hana_tox: stolen moments of pleasure (or: perverted disciple in sweet bun's clothing dreams of his shizun)
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@bigwillcarp my pleasure
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RT @upasanakonidela: Hon’ble Home Minister, @AmitShahOffice , @AmitShah Ji it was indeed a pleasure meeting you at the @IndiaToday concl…
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RT @areejmdarwish: تشرفت بزيارة سفارة سلطنة عُمان في باريس خلال رحلة عمل للجمهورية الفرنسية. سعدت بلقاء السكرتير أول هيثم بن عوض المعل…
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@ROHDUTCH Dude doesn’t pleasure women. Ain’t no fucking way.
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@benjanun_s @DuermevelaEd So happy you like it! <3 It was a pleasure to draw your characters.
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It was an honor and a pleasure to serve on the selection committee for the New York City Book Awards presented by…
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@Pleasure_Beach Wish you wouldn't charge non riders to go into park.especially disabled people again I couldn't spe…
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RT @majumder_arya: @pakhixadore It's my pleasure to show support on her who won my heart playing Urvashi and now doing a fab job in…
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@RailaOdinga Selfish old man who derive sadistic pleasure in violence; you won't succeed this time.
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RT @chhcalling: A pleasure to join today’s luncheon with the Friends of Ireland. Great to hear President @JoeBiden words which clea…
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idk why y'all take pleasure in bullying kids for being "cringe" when they're clearly expressing discomfort with som…
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RT @SheldrickTrust: Often it is the simplest things that bring us the greatest pleasure. For the rescued orphan elephants in Kaluku, fi…
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RT @WandleEnglish: Thank you to @KSunray3 for leading a brilliant session for the Hub on Leading Reading for Pleasure!
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This girl is STUPID, no one can tell me anything, a real pick me, men pleasure #BBTitans #Thabang
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After reporting on the whole case, it was a pleasure to talk with @georgiaharisonx ahead of her new ITV documentar…
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@kateiswell @calichicacine Leftists are at war with biology and objective reality—really anything that gets in the…
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RT @Gail_Ann_Tweetz: @storiesbyjemay He wants more perks than the actual king.🤷‍♀️Other than a funeral/serious family illness what impro…
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Was still self-sufficient pleasure in our ؟? نمشے 🔹H3🔹 🔹H3🔹 🔹H3🔹
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@Jocelynbeard My pleasure, Jocelyn.
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