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RT @BleacherReport: The Warriors win the Western Conference Finals 🏆 Steph, Klay and Draymond will play their SIXTH NBA Finals together
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RT @EclipseFdn: We are looking for a new Open Source Software Release Engineer, who will work closely with members of our IT team.…
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RT @CoachJWarren1: Less than 8% of high schoolers go and play college basketball. If you get the opportunity to play at the next level…
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@therealjma @Muppetiers Are rly good 6s. Timber could have a kante role but that’s more box to box, but timber defi…
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RT @AboutVirgos: One day #Virgo will start sending you mixed signals, and you'll get mad because they finally learned how to play your game.
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RT @GoodmanHoops: Former Iowa State guard Tyrese Hunter announces he is headed to play at Texas. HUGE pickup for the Longhorns. Ave…
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And we play Duke🤝🏾
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i would still play sage too
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@GregGottaChill Ion even know bro. I had to make a play out there, I didn’t even look
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@cric_fan23 Winner could play Alcaraz in the semis
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RT @mattspectors: Oscar Isaac doesn’t fucking play
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what if... what if i play fortnite on stream today instead of pikmin 2 👀 we're doing a shorter stream and i want t…
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I didn’t play valorant for days, in bed at 10 pm….and in return I got a fucking stiff neck…I am in so much pain. Th…
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@Modise__ZA Like seriously how to play like these? How do you make these tricks?
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I hate to say this, this is the only time I’ll bring it up, and I hope I’m wrong, but… The general consensus predi…
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@USWNT I support our women who play footy. But I must say those 3pm games will have to wait until after Champions League Final
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@ecotvpanama @felixchaveztv 32 Si el Ángel bajó el 24 de abril de 1993, fue para protegernos y no para matarnos. Al…
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Park scores 6 in the sixth to take a 9-8 lead. Sofee Thatcher, Brooke Badovinac and Miss Keeley get three hits in…
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@GoNotQuietly @CMargaronis @davidfrum They failed. It’s not theoretical. It’ll never be able to be re- played. It’s…
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WAIT TWISTED WONDERLAND ENG ISNT AVAILABLE IN MY COUNTRY BYE??? should I just play the jpn version? 😭😭😭 but I can’t understand shit 😭😭
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