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RT @lexisrenis: Ronaldo’s only goal in life is to be better than Messi. That has been his driving force from day one. It’s an obses…
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Finished. Thursday my two countries play eachother for first place in the poule. Can’t loose 🤗🤗 #cannzl #nedcmr #canned #FIFAWWC2019
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RT @TeamMonbebe: *changkyuk gets no lines in play it cool eng. version OR Who do u love* The fandom:
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@snboxing I have to disagree just a "tad" with the play by play announcer when he stated that the crowd in Riga is…
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RT @ArfaSays_: M AMIR - "We've to win every single game. We can't afford to lose any now. We've to go into each match with a posit…
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@garyjaypeter @CFBHome The guy was a winner, GP! Nobody wanted to play against Frazier. Hope you’re doing well, my friend!
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@AlfieJohnson7 @TheBaldEagle86 @talkSPORT He's averaged over 30 goals a year for 5 seasons on the spin even with pr…
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RT @skz_moontostar: I love it how maknae line plays with Lee Know so well. Lee know wanted to play with Seungmin & I.N & they literally…
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Violet really wants to play @Halo with @SoKoJohn and @antoinexj
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RT @Vixella: at EA Play when i showed @XUrbanSimsX how to take out the headset mic she just LOST IT I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT SHE LI…
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What should I play in Pittsburg.
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@bhogleharsha One thing people need to understand the media houses play with the emotions just to want more viewers…
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@Malwjn And they made him look like the bad guy at first for not wanting Donghyun to play the guitar. He's been in…
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@realDonaldTrump The President is comical. He knows who controls the media. It's a game they play with American people. God help us.
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RT @EnRouteAnfield: Happy Birthday to @MoSalah. 2 back to back UCL finals and a title race. This club reached a new level since Mo jo…
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@Giomonogatari oh i feel you!!! i only play with my friends, at least 2. gotta be able to play w/ people i can comm…
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@TeamJuJu so glad i learning how to play the game lol
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Does anyone still play acnl on ds and have pears
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RT @LiveNationUK: ON SALE: Italian singer-songwriter @mengonimarco is coming to London to play @o2sbe on 18th December! Book tickets…
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RT @satherax: Abraham Lincoln: Omg this play is so boring, i wish someone would just put me out of my misery John Wilkes Booth:
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