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RT @_ayosworldd: y’all out here checking ur phone like u really mean something to someone lmfaooometoooo
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RT @HiddenTlps: If you lose your phone charger, go to a hotel and say you forgot it there - most have a big bin of them that people left behind.
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Reach people on the phone they check 100 times a day! H2BAC #gospel #evangelism
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RT @ciroylospersas: Registrate y recibí todas las novedades. Whatsapp Oficial +54 9 11 65420827
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#phone gear Bike Mobile Phone Waterproof Storage Zipper Bag Holder http://ph ...
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#JuniorPerfumes Gostou Desse Perfume? Deixe Sua Opinião (Nas Reações / Comentários) Trabalhamos com ATACADO | VA…
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RT @ClintFalin: when you show someone a picture on your phone and they start swiping. (mothescreamingstaffy / networking_for_dogs…
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@OfImpishness — blood on it, turning his head to look back at the Kumiho and a shaky breath left his lips. "I'm so…
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RT @znrclr_: hi i made a thing using just my phone and my finger! the process vs the final product. #Venom #VenomMovie
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RT @deathlylogan: me pretending to do my work after my teacher sees me on my phone
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RT @superduperkayla: I just wanna show y’all what my niece sent me through my sisters phone really quick...
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I’m turning off my phone, I’m tired of this
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RT @victoriashedron: i am grateful for laughter. i am grateful for goofiness. i am grateful for unexpected smiles. i am grateful for sle…
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@chrisEmmett @jkarlsteen @KarlTheFog I have a new phone too and I’m still searching for the right camera. #changemanagement
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@AppleSupport I’ve noticed my iPhone 7+ that I just replaced with a new XS Max got better cell reception in several…
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RT @Bondalike: It's taken 16 days, 3 hours of phone calls, and multiple emails but @AmazonUK have agreed to give me my money back…
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Last Monday my phone got stolen.. this Monday my new got ran over by a coworker in the warehouse. Safe to say this…
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RT @deathlylogan: me pretending to do my work after my teacher sees me on my phone
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RT @SuyashVOnline: No matter what time you reach your destination, you can check in with your mood and facility with phone.Just what I…
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Top tip Reminder for self: Turn your phone off before every lecture even if other people are on their phones. Otherwise nothing goes in.
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