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RT @LisaMei62: I would give anything to have been one of the military intel analysts monitoring the comms of those Dems on the bus…
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RT @yaldxx: Dropped my phone but guess who saved it? My earphones, the ones with wires
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RT @your_stepdad: I told someone today over the phone, Nigerians are running to other countries where religion is not carried on ever…
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@marjoleinthijse Go look for a new phone
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RT @watspn1013: Lib heads EXPLODED when President Trump canceled Pelosi’s public relations tour! Furious phone calls were sent fro…
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Game Pinball Fx2 Sekarang Juga Hadir Di Windows Phone 10
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@GloWorld Phone number: 08113384183 Serial number: 851185307188813 First ten digits:5547431308 Method used: scrat…
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RT @NarinderKBharaj: Now, people of Delhi just have to dial 1076 from their phone and 70 Delhi Govt Services will at there doorstep. Th…
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after 10 years of "Free Money" aka Fed & ECB & all other central bank Quantitative Easing compounding interest curr…
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RT @chelseaperetti: My 1.5 yr old just said “Where’s my phone?” I’m going to guess bc he’s heard me say it roughly 900,000 times....he def doesnt have one
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Morning breaking over the Bressay rocket launch site (or ex TV transmitter/mobile phone masts site)!
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RT @manaraao: #كوتشينج تقدم لكم #المنارة_للاستشارات خدمة #التمكين_الشخصي: وهي عبارة عن عملية تطويرية مركزة على ماذا يريد الباحث ب…
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RT @azlanalanlan: Terbalikkan phone anda...
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RT @iamshanetanglao: @SolidJoshLiaFC @BarrettoJulia @iamjoshuagarcia Inno:Wansapanataym may nakilala akong magnanakaw she's stole my pho…
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RT @yaldxx: Dropped my phone but guess who saved it? My earphones, the ones with wires
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RT @iZEKZONED: FLIP YOUR PHONE AND READ THIS ʎɐp s,əuıʇuəlɐʌ uo əʇɐp ʎɯ əq llıʍ noʎ 'sıɥʇ pɐəɹ əʌɐɥ noʎ əɔuıs
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RT @dstebs02: *loses friend at a festival* “haha its cool ill just text them” *looks down at phone*
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@trvxxer nsnznxnx. yeah, i am! i'm just editing my video and it's really hard since i'm using my phone.
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RT @vampkyu: A contact labeled "DANGER 🚨" is calling Taeyeon's phone. Do they...
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