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RT @OkButStill: keep getting distracted from my job that i hate by my phone which contains everyone i care about, my favorite games…
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RT @WhiteStorm64294: 😄💥💘👋😀 Bed kid phone finish. #杭州 #上海
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RT @PTAofficialpk: Block spam/unsolicited communication! SMS sender's phone number and message to 9000 #PTA #StopTheSpam
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@seriesofpradaa bitch yo phone not answering
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RT @MagisterOfOz: @jenxd_d "Can't you please stop talking about your daughter's for 5 MINUTES?!" Maes: Of course... I can also talk…
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#スマートクリア #smartclear #スマートクリア札幌パルコ店 #大通 #西11丁目 #西18丁目 #バスセンター前 #すすきの #豊水すすきの #中島公園 #幌平橋 #さっぽろ #札幌中央区 #狸小路 #大通公園
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Been without internet for six hours lmaooooo watching the finals on my phone + no way to watch the Wings. Life is grand
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RT @heewonist: me when sunghoon shakes the phone during a live
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Tweet a random picture from your phone with no explanation
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RT @thisisnaomie: Me: You used to call me on my shrimp fried rice phone You (Just trying to live and make it through life): Ok, yeah.…
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@battlenet hey can anyone help me remove my authentication app and update my phone on my account I’m locked out and…
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RT @JustinTrudeau: Hundreds of American firefighters have recently arrived in Canada, and more are on the way. On the phone today, I s…
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RT @khanyimsimang_: you’re in the middle of an emotional breakdown and you pick up your phone to record yourself? uyahlanya, i hope it gets worse.
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RT @Telegraph: 🔵 “Keep calm and carry on” is the mantra that has long adorned many a crested tea towel - as Prince Harry continued…
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RT @feathanie: …………. 😭 just seen this photoset in my phone gallery idk y i laughed so hard
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RT @Batka_: Гадаад явах гэж байгаа бол энэ @airalocom eSIM-ийг суулгаад яваарай. Дэлхийн 200+ улсад ямар ч асуудалгүй интернэтэ…
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RT @PortalVT2: ur not brainwashing anyone you stutter when they forgot your ketchup in ur order and u end up giving up and u eat u…
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RT @OllieMathews14: @GovChristie Remember when Chris Wray was your lawyer during Bridgegate and he hid your cell phone from investigato…
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Their family fled from war in Ukraine. His parents were told over the phone that Mykhailo died a week before his 20…
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RT @Travis_in_Flint: The FBI has had a document that allegedly proves Bidens family is involved in a bribery scheme with Ukraine, yet th…
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