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RT @matthewamiller: So Trump knew the crowd was armed, used language in his speech his attorneys thought would result in criminal charg…
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RT @DiviXTejRan: Family? Indeed @kkundrra is her family now! Every1 manifested for Tp to come here n Call out her So called Fans who…
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RT @SatStack69: Things are so fucked up right now that @Mikealfred could tweet that he's personally discovered the cure for all Can…
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@Silverpinkk @Kandybabyyy "Personally"
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Yeah he spoke with them personally
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Maybe I'm overthinking this, but this might not mean it's the last friendly to be announced - just says that's when…
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RT @AnonYMo66156043: @AshaRangappa_ Trump is personally interfering with this investigation.
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RT @callmechrisea: Personally, I don't think anything is wrong with asking your partner if something is the matter when faced with rej…
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@13Firecracker13 @globeandmail Off the top , the heck u doing ( well maybe not u personally ) doing sending horses…
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I would like to personally thank whoever popularized 4 inch inseam mens shorts
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@sallyhunt666 @NoNeosAllowed There are plenty of other characters that also do that who are white though.. I don’t…
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@GreatCheshire I prefer Earth 2 Emily personally
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@Peckitt With a fee you pay for content you might not personally consume. It's a commons. The idea also means not e…
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RT @clichedout: personally i feel like romeo and juliet could've handled their situation better
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RT @DonLew87: Trump melting down. He 'hardly knows' Cassidy Hutchinson, yet he 'personally turned her request down'. 🤔
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RT @Iyervval: Claiming Zubair can’t be held responsible for the murders of Kanhaiya Lal and Umesh Kohle because he personally did…
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RT @peer_rich: wow just woke up to almost a thousand responses considering this is twitter there are some really rational argume…
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RT @nytimes: Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that she was "personally overwhelmed" by the Supreme Court decision to end Roe v. Wade.…
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@hoaxeok @wasafairytaele and how do u know that did he personally say it to u
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Personally, that should be the standard for any office environment, where employees can choose freely to either wor…
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