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no es nada personal, pero espero seas intolerante a la lactosa y tengas a bien consumir algún derivado de manera inconsciente...
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RT @khushsundar: Really wud like 2 ask @HRajaBJP where did he procure #Vijay's id from..or it is easy 4 BJP 2 lay hands on personal infos 4 being in power?
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RT @ShennaFoxMusic: 💥@MeghanMcCain “The conversation between @POTUS & #SgtLaDavidJohnson Widow was deeply private, personal. Not your r…
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He even told her to start respecting my personal space and I expect she’s gonna start drama with him later for not backing her up
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#HipHopNews Frank Ocean Shares Visual Essay & Personal Letter On Saying "Yes"
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RT @spoiled_yams: Yes I Am -a signature song -a personal favorite -moonbyul's rapping watered my crops -so funky
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@tanyeezylyn like personal boundaries lmfao
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So sick it's horrible!! ALL votes help me get closer to my goal $115/$750 To get a stove/oven! HIGHEST voter by 8pm…
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@lagartijasking Hola Marco, por favor llama al 01(55)57213390 ingresa con cuenta, tarjeta o clave y nip, elige Banc…
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RT @RyanStalvey00: it's a private and personal matter but it's something i've been trying to do for a very long time and nothing has worked.
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RT @i_D: exclusive: "it came to me in a dream" – frank ocean creates a visual essay and pens personal letter:…
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@defenestrate161 3) Off-limits to mining/development to preserve its delicate ecosystem. This is a reason Pruitt is…
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RT @UncleTK__: That my friend is what they call.. your personal problem.
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RT @EnthralKJae: I take shit personal because I would've never done it to you
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I take shit personal because I would've never done it to you
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RT @KarimB92: People hating on Vasquez but he will sacrifice personal glory for team and wouldn't even complain about it. Total team player.
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RT @Latexkittyxxx: Black metallic Rubber55 hood - just doing some personal vids - !!! Best warm up this horny pussy cat ...…
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RT @kreativmind9: Giveaway on my next stream! An exclusive set of yogurt from @blackoni's personal #Twitchcon living collection!!! La…
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One of my best moments on my personal
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RT @MediaStat_PH: In my personal opinion of KN fandom: Their mood is correlated with viewerships. Expect fall of ratings in the coming days. #LLSBagongPinuno
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