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Only if you can use this same energy on the person of Buhari and his office. But No.... Double standard
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RT @muftimenk: Don’t take your sins lightly. You may think you’ve done nothing wrong but you forgot how you shouted at the houseke…
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Everybody have that one person that’s just make they mood change 🤪
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Mental Health Note!💕 You have to be confident in who you are and what you're doing. Of course, you try to evolve. I…
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RT @joonstopia: You can just tell a white person wrote this
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RT @mohale_motaung: Stop being the go to person for people you can’t go to.
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@SunnyDayUSA1 All of it. IMO one person has been setting in motion activities to destroy everything you mention. Yo…
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RT @inertaila: I tell everyone to be strong knowing im the weakest person
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@JimDOfficial It seems that you can not criticize Khan with out being branded a racist!! Is it the same when a none…
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RT @BlackYoshiSSB: >Cute Person >Says they play video games Me: OwO what do you play? Person: 2k, Fortnite, Call of- Me:
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RT @DavidDobrik: Choosing one person who RT's to be next videos shoutout! New vid is up! Like and subscribe!
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A person often commits an error and falls into sin, and then finds his heart extremely saddened, and so he turns to…
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How tired am I of Trump? George Stephanopolous was the less annoying person in that interview.
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RT @akisok15: On the "heels" of last PM's game 7 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs & before Father's Day, read this essay by STL Blue…
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RT @TheBallRealm: If Anthony Davis gets traded to the Lakers within 24 HOURS, @TheBallRealm will send one random person an Anthony Da…
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Instead of the person in charge of a meeting group clean up the group chat themselves IF ONE DOES NOT WANT TO BE PA…
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Leivi is an expressive person, often easy to read, especially how he feels about you. With #Muriel, he wasn't quite…
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RT @TheBallRealm: If Anthony Davis gets traded to the Lakers within 24 HOURS, @TheBallRealm will send one random person an Anthony Da…
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RT @Belive_Kinuthia: Some youths in Kenya,who are the most Victims of bad governance,corruption and chronic unemployment are very ignora…
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