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RT @JJKUNIVERSE97: The amount of people from media patiently waiting just to cover the departure of our superstar JK who ia going to L…
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RT @AnoopSsaa1: Conspiracy Exposed 15 August 2013 Night Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu was present in front of about 100 people in a func…
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RT @bleachquotes_: it has to be you. my bankai isn’t suited… for training or giving people strength.
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RT @yasminimin: Can we please normalise stopping when there's a pedestrian crossing the street? It's hot, you're in an air-conditio…
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I need to follow more people outside of ecommerce twitter. My TL is very cringe now.
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RT @KyleMartinsen_: 1 YEAR AGO TODAY Biden's CDC Director: "Vaccinated people do not carry the virus”
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RT @VPSecretariat: My humble tributes to the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh & legendary thespian, Shri N.T. Rama Rao on his b…
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RT @ikeefern: Accept people as they are, but be aware of your self-worth so you can put them where they belong.
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RT @rjkarunungan: South Korea elected Park Geun Hye, daughter of dictator Park Chung Hee, in 2013. She was impeached in 2017 due to c…
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RT @JAS16AZ: @RepThomasMassie @laurenboebert @CrimeResearch1 YOU wrote an OpEd?? No thanks! YOU have NO credibility whatsoever.…
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RT @demetriaamarie: you really do outgrow people.. that's crazy
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@iamParmpreet @shivamchhuneja These type of people are manipulators Short krke baithe hoge khud btc
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RT @itsShowtimeNa: Happy Sabado, Madlang People! #ANNEditoNaSaShowtime
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RT @Horn_Sannity: You need a license to drive a car. Why? Because cars can hurt or kill people. To get a license, you must study, pra…
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Feeling alone when ur with people 😕
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@ceechimbiri2 you have scored your own goal and you are going to see how strong is social media,,these people you c…
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RT @modooborahae: BTS have ALWAYS been so aware, humble, insightful, intelligent and respectful about what they say and how they say…
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@stelimili @Shinpath @LeaningEmma 80% of people hanging out in Anfu are Chinese. You can come and see this afternoo…
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@GaryK9three @Cardsnation4306 What's unacceptable to most people is that fact that gun supporters are blaming every…
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@JUNlPER they’re acting like there’s some kind of savage dog pile going on when it’s just like kind of crowded and…
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