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RT @CathyMyersWI: "People want authentic candidates, and they want leadership."
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RT @WeAreCavsNation: Some people love to compare Giannis to LeBron, but no. At age 23, LeBron had a more developed jumper, unparalleled…
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@FoxNews Or looked at another way, if he was rightfully fired, as recommended by the IG and OPR, he is not entitled…
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@Lin_Manuel look at all these incredible people putting together this incredible song 💛💛💛
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RT @aliasvaughn: SESSIONS! This is going to be glorious. (Bc spoiler, Mueller already has Sessions' account. Corroborated by other D…
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RT @MaryRobinette: For a lot of people on the internet, the phrase "nesting code" explains everything.
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@KarenAttiah @Sisonkemsimang Why do you hate white people?
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nearly eight billion people. and abundance is all and everything. if we are all putting good into the world. let’s keep going.
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Don't regret being kind to ungrateful people.
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RT @a_leesha1: This is terrorism. This is indoctrinating young children with ideologies of far-right extremism. Just imagine how o…
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RT @PrettyTreasure_: Herbo girlfriend said it perfectly. When you in love, you really go through some SHIT!!! Shit that other people wou…
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RT @PeterSweden7: So, I was just thinking about something. 1000s of people attended @TRobinsonNewEra speech at #SpeakersCorner yeste…
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RT @JarBomb: My Iraqi brother, Abu Haya, just passed his citizenship test and is now an American. I just got off the phone with…
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I went to look up the recommended level for the Pegasus cup in kh and??? How did people struggle with Yuffie and Le…
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RT @SuperMugatu: There are people on Instagram posting #BoycottFacebook posts. Our society is doomed.
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RT @BarackObama: In Singapore with young people who are advocating for education, empowering young women, and getting involved all o…
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RT @AmaraLaNegraALN: I am also LATINA! I am an "AFRO LATINA" and I will continue using my Voice and my platform until the day that I die…
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RT @WilliamShatner: Who’s in for #EarthHour this Saturday March 24 at 8:30PM local time? Join hundreds of millions of people around the…
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RT @MoratiwaSelepe: Cheating people need to go away already.. SMH.👇😎😎😎
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