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Lah kirain exo beneran ke indo wkwk trnyata ke busan(?) abisnya di komenan dispatch semua pada bahas sk4rlet sk4rle…
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RT @JoeKyungsoo: May mga taga Batangas po ba na may pending order pa kay @DandaniesCartPh @DNDS_BackUp @dohmasurrrr. We need your help please. Thank you
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RT @AbGeorge_: #D148 climax portions with 1000 junior artists canned by Director Ratheesh Reghunandan (Udal director) at the set e…
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RT @PHOENIX21PHOTON: #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput Pending as Nation Remembers Disha Salian “If a cartel is threatened, they will not o…
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RT @TristanSnell: UPDATE: Santos managed to make a (late?) filing, insisting the names remain secret -- and saying he'd rather go to…
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RT @RogueCitizenOne: What a Wednesday... Chris Licht fired. Mark Meadows flipped. Steve Bannon subpoenaed. Trump advised by DOJ he is a…
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RT @JoeKyungsoo: As of 1:12 PM, Php 46,492 na total pending orders. If isama ko yung akin at yung isang buyer na nakausap ko, ang to…
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My godddd dati pending assignment usapan Namin Ng friend ko ngayun house and lot na namag katabi para chika well kamiii HAHAHA
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RT @TristanSnell: Or..... he can go to jail pending trial. Those are his choices.
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RT @TristanSnell: BREAKING: George Santos's lawyer says Santos would rather go to jail pending trial than release the names of the 3…
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Receiving copy paste reply only not a solution. Again reopen ticket: FO_20230606877429 Our business, 15 incorpora…
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@QTPaypoint Hi, I currently have a pending transaction with ticket ID 532901 for over weeks. Kindly assist
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RT @FPCAction: A Texas district court judge issued a preliminary injunction today to the plaintiff challenging the ATF's pistol br…
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यूपी सरकार ने गाड़ी मालिकों को दी बड़ी राहत, 2017 से 2021 के बीच लंबित पड़े चालान किए निरस्त #Challan
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RT @stiffmeister_md: Like I said yesterday, I decided to go all in for @SB19Official. It’s possible that I can do a billboard/s pending…
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@aaliiyahh_ Hello. Do not be stressed by your pending assignments I'm available to help you . kindly DM me.
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RT @JhaduWala77: BIG BREAKING AAP Halka incharge from Bholath Ranjit Singh Rana inaugurated various roads which were pending since…
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RT @Crypto_Camp_: 1/ 撸毛党必备小技能✅ 小狐狸钱包交易在链上卡住 (一直pending状态) 应该怎么处理?图1和图2为两笔在链上卡住的交易 第一步:(图三)在小狐狸钱包的「设置」、「高级」选项中打开“自定义交易 nonce” 第二步:(图…
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RT @jiims: drawing pending giveaways in a bit, nakajoin naba kayo? 🥺💜
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