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RT @CCDeLi86: Patients et soignants main dans la main 🤝 pour discuter de l'avenir de la santé des Francais🇫🇷. Une excellente init…
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How sad and awful for patients at a hospital to be disturbed by loud speaker music! What are you doing…
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RT @Tiocols1: Les patients paient la télévision dans un hôpital et les prisonniers c’est gratuit .. le monde a l’envers
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RT @Jandal_It: .@Jeremy_Hunt During my time at West Lane 3 of the patients managed to get on the roof of the hospital and tried to…
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RT @BarbaraGail5: @PressSec The patients running the asylum and Pelosi is nurse Ratchet...did they pay for dinner with crumbs?
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RT @55krissi55: John McDonnell was excellent on #marr Mr McDonnell's Economic Plan offers the opportunity of a much fairer society…
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RT @BreakthroCancer: Our evidence-based cookbooks are an important resource for #cancer patients in treatment & recovery…
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RT @FixFibromyalgia: The brains of fibromyalgia patients show functional and structural differences from those of healthy individuals.
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RT @LupusTreatment: #SLE patients are at particular risk of developing osteoarticular tuberculosis.
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RT @ChaabanRabih: Patient 'froze to death' in 16 hours wait for ambulance and at least 40 patients died or suffered harm as crews bec…
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RT @qffwffq: Ce matin comme souvent j'ai lu sur Twitter (le Tweet d'origine n'a aucun intérêt) que non seulement "c'était mieux…
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RT @rinmor: @MaxduPreez One of my patients - a Prof in chemical engineering designed a waterless toilet - has one in his back g…
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RT @hospiceuk: In 2017, UK #hospices supported more than 200,000 patients and their families, delivering world class end of life c…
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RT @CityMirrorNew1: Corps Member Offers Free Eye Treatment To 200 Patients In Kano
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RT @Students4BE: Cochrane Colloquium Edinburgh 2018 now has official ‘Patients Included’ status.
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@AbbyWhittaker1 @cheesepickles @ddiamond Every day Chronic Pain patients hear dozens of things about what they shou…
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Ever-changing health care & insurance can be puzzling. We can help clear things up...
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RT @bodymapsnap: Startup company eyes tech to help patients manage their data #mhealth
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Where We Live Matters to Our Health #publichealth
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