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RT @AHANewYorkCity: Looking for the hows and whys of preventing heart disease? New guidelines from the American Heart Association and t…
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RT @msquinn: While the internet has dropped the classic barriers to entry for new CPG companies, more choice has led to less tru…
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RT @renzrenzgoaway: William a 23 year old, a chronic hypertensive patient. What is the most appropriate Anti-Hypertensive drug?
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RT @gavinesler: Demand to sign the #RevokeArt50 petition is enormous but please be patient- also if you have not received a confirm…
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RT @MotivatinQuotes: Be very patient with yourself. Keep reminding yourself that things are working out for you. What doesn’t make sense…
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RT @TiwaSavage: It’s all finally coming together, I just had to be patient and put my trust in God.
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RT @SantapanMinda: “To get what you love, you must first be patient with what you hate.” — Imam Al Ghazali
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Better days are coming 🤝 just be patient
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DURECT Announces Patient Dosing in Phase 2a Proof-of-Concept Clinical Trial of Topical DUR-928 in Patients with Mil…
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Why healthcare IT leadership should prioritise a patient centric approach | HIMSS Europe
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Did I already blow our trumpet about a fabulous little article? Honouring 'Patient 38' - a mother of all IVF mother…
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RT @THEREALTYMULA: Everything will fall into place be patient.
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"Workplace violence is common in health care, with staff 20% more likely to experience workplace violence than empl…
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Fed Maintains 'Patient' Stance, Leaves Rates Untouched #realestate
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RT @Rick_Pescatore: In a patient with known or suspected HIV in whom no CD4 count is available, an ALC<1000 is highly suggestive of a C…
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@MommasVoices @GraceCordovano @ritters90 @S4PM Personally ‘hero’ makes me uncomfortable. I’ve heard patient partner…
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RT @IzyanWanie24: "How to advise your patient to exercise if the medical practitioner pun tak exercise?" (Dr Asri, 2019) 🤣
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RT @GuerbetGroup: Our CDO discusses the current position of #AI in Life Sciences: "Life science leaders must balance their need to ap…
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RT @Matoke_: If your boyfriend is not spending money on you he is saving to marry you..Be patient men are good people.
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RT @gavinesler: Demand to sign the #RevokeArt50 petition is enormous but please be patient- also if you have not received a confirm…
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