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RT @lucosonny: @MeePlusYou We have been preaching this since but some still believe that white and black outfit is the real weddin…
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RT @NikSamotracia: @Luis_pastor El signo de interrogación ❓️ viene porque antes se terminaban las frases interrogativas con la palabra…
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RT @blossommartins: Just by associating himself with Tinubu, pastor Chris oyakilome suspended his nephew who was disOBIdient on interna…
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RT @oluseunn3: toripe moti clean bi clinton, pastor wa fe lo ma bill
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RT @Nkemchor_: Tinubu's inlaw has come out to say He's 86. I don't know what other sign Nigerians are looking for. We should not b…
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RT @BinzuKing: Pastor dey preach about kindness but church WiFi get password😂😂
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RT @To_Be_Trill: @SaycheeseDGTL That pastor getting that lick back
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RT @Eulavomeucarv: Só um lembrete: A igreja evangélica da Lagoinha visitada pelo casal Bolsonaro no fim de semana e que gerou a menção…
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PASTOR!!! Thank youuuuu!
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RT @toddgray4: Today, in the SEKY flood area, I met Pastor Lawrence Baldridge, Caney Baptist in Pippa Passes, KY. He and his wife…
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RT @Dannyounge: Documentary of the Lion 🦁 of Budilon Of Lagos. Watch and Enjoy The Nigerian Pastor Donald Duke @FS_Yusuf_
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RT @SosAbuelos1: SE MUERE EN PERRERA DE LUCENA CÓRDOBA Pastor alemán parece mayorcito y andaba con una perrita blanca.Los ha cogido…
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RT @MarkDever: “It would be worth my life to try to get those big boxes down on my own. It’s humiliating to have written as much…
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RT @Jimmyeramaltipo: Voy a hablar ya de esto. MUJERES MALAGUEÑAS: Si tenéis que pedir cita en psiquiatras, no vayáis jamás a la consulta…
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Pastor Woodbine be doing the absolute most 🤣🤣🤣 #PValley
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@Luis_pastor El 99% de lo que sé, es absurdo y no sirve para nada
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RT @oikiacclekki: Happy birthday Pastor Seun 🎉🎉 You’re such a blessing to us in OikiaCC Lekki. We love and appreciate you. We pray t…
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RT @padilhando: Michelle Bolsonaro falando que o Palácio do Planalto era consagrado a demônios antes de Bolsonaro. E qual o nome qu…
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RT @Cocoatea57: Even if I see my Pastor Riding a motorbike and He decides to give me a lift, I will reject Na Delivery guy 😒
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RT @pcfutbol: @Luis_pastor Fatos Kuçi, defensa de Albania 🇦🇱, tiene 4 años en PC Fútbol.
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