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RT @LNWH_NHS: 👍 Tell us what we need to focus on to improve and what's important to you. 👉 Take part in Our Way Forward survey (…
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RT @RMConservative: The guy in Uvalde used a Daniel Defense V7, with an Eotech XPS optic. He had a $2,000 rifle with a $600 optic on i…
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RT @anders_aslund: France, Germany & Italy all want to give part of Ukraine's territory to Putin to let him save face & secure peace i…
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RT @CricCrazyJohns: Thank you RCB for bringing Dinesh Karthik back, best part for me about IPL 2022.
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RT @LuxpadOfficial: 🎁LUXPAD Airdrop Event is Live ⭐️Earn up to 1,700,000 Luxpad Token(LXPD) ⭐️Airdrop end 25th June 2022 ⭐️Go to…
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RT @FLOWER7_77: Qu’on dise les termes une bonne fois pour toute. A part des gros seins, t’as rien à proposer.
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@DebtCrisisOrg @POTUS This is such an irresponsible emotional generation. I hate being a part of it. You AGREE to t…
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@fiveoneonefive1 @OW_Trillen @halomancer1 I’m not sure that anything I’ve said here has been about biological sex?…
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RT @anyamelfissa: Thanks for coming to the stream! Today was fun especially the walking simulator part😎 hopefully we can finish the g…
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South African Huns who disagree with Mpho have a long way to go mentally.. Sad part is you will learn the hard way.
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@AaronParnas @WatchYourRepsSC It is part of their political propaganda. Only fools believe it.
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Only part about living in Beloit that I truly miss is hanging out w mis amigas
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@RonFilipkowski Yeah, because standing outside the school with your kit on as kids get shot down really helped stop…
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@CNEWS C'est ridicule de la part d'un descendant direct de HITLER qui fini le job de ancêtres.
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RT @Gracious6353: @slatticus Remember this comment? This brother has invested days and weeks trying to be pa…
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RT @tomgara: The former principal of Columbine High just said something incredibly grim on CNN - he’s part of a network of 29 sc…
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RT @DB_Legends: [Stamp Rally Mission No.0] Collect 3 stamps to get in-game rewards as part of this campaign! RT this post to get yo…
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RT @Aimyab_: على أوتار سعادتي يحكى أنك جزء منها. On the strings of my happiness it is said that you are a part of it. #بتستغل_فراغك_ازاي
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@BillKristol @ThePlumLineGS How does the US solve for a political part that is moving towards authoritarianism, and…
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RT @CashAppRecords: Why you lying for?!?! My heart warmer than the part where two thick thighs meet in the Louisiana August heat
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