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RT @rayzemel: A box truck with a video wall? Also not cheap. You're looking at thousands of dollars. This is PAC spending when yo…
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RT @heavenly01234: Parents dream is to see their children succeed & when they fulfill that dream by making them proud with their achie…
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@ViViLaBunny YUH! I KNEW IT! I frikkin loved that ridiculous anime. It was the first one I ever watched (on my tiny…
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RT @GrahamAllen_1: PARENTS ARE TIRED OF GROOMING!! Armenian-Americans were seen FIGHTING with MASKED Antifa & far-left protesters out…
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@mw61_fb @DailyLoud Video of your parents intimacy or else your birth didn’t happen.
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RT @realDailyWire: Armenian, Hispanic Parents Clash With Antifa, School Board Over LGBTQ Agenda
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RT @KamliSnaya: When children & parents have daily conversations & meals together, their bond strengthens even more. These valuable…
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Indians are now teaching Nigerian kids abroad how to understand, speak and write Igbo, Yoruba,... ... and, Nigerian…
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@YellowFlashGuy No, it wasn’t. It was parents against other parents and teachers on whether the school district sho…
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RT @Fleur50559050: Futurs parents, allez vous vous battre ou consentir ? #Laisseznosenfantstranquilles ALERTE ROUGE ! 🚨 Ajout d’ARN…
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Btch The only idols responsible for the minor fans are the minors themselves A 27 y.o woman should never take the…
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@EuphoriTori no bc fuck homeschooling, people don't realize how truly damaging it is to social skills and especiall…
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RT @DarkForceGirl01: To some this looks reasonable. HOWEVER There’s that one son,whose father died,retired or got ill & had to step up…
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RT @Bob_cart124: A reasonable request by religious Muslim parents earns them the branding of "Islamists." A term used to dehumanise…
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RT @TMZ: Leo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid seem to have taken their situationship to another level 👀
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RT @DineshDSouza: INSANE Brawl Breaks Out Between ANTIFA And Concerned Parents At California School Board Meeting
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RT @EuginhoCortez: Giannis for just dey Jibowu dey answer "Tallest" if his parents didn't travel 😩 Holy Ghost 🔥 😤
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@kare11 They need to start prosecuting these juveniles to the fullest extent of the law. Along with their parents.
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@SteveCrippe @RealHousewifeMi You should star in a birth control ad, because your parents prolly should have aborted you
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@ericareport Identify looters in 2020 . No? Only pedos like you call parents who protect their children extremists .
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