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RT @JeffSharlet: A digression from my thread about books and family: my grandmother was dirt poor and became a reader, my mother was…
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RT @jennycohn1: @AAASEPICenter Vendors re-defined “paper ballot” to include machine-marked barcoded summary cards from new hackable…
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I come from an ancestry broken by invasions, genocide, ethnic cleansing & forced assimilation i only knew my grandf…
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@manelmarquez @kolontai1959 @AdaColau Seria interessant reflexionar sobre el paper q ha jugat "l'esquerra alternati…
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@SuperMugatu “Supermoney” and “Paper Money” by Adam Smith. “Poker Wisdom of a Champion” by Doyle Brunson.
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@Miss_xo6 Apo to the toilet paper in
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RT @jennycohn1: Vendors have re-defined “paper ballot” to include machine-marked barcoded summary cards from hackable ballot markin…
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@jaemochi94 Exactly. "I don't think white privilege exists. I have never experienced it." Well no fucking shit, Sus…
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@AbeVig0da @NoContextBoomer I'd put a wooden spoon up my ass for a proper paper mario.
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@thewicorman @SwailesRuth small white paper bags for half penny sweets anyone? flying saucers, milk bottles and fruit salad?
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MT @charlesnyabeze: Because of Mining, #113/365, paper straws. The straw-making machine in this video is constructe…
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@ask_mai @DrAlanaziH يسمونه ‘Terminal Lucidity’ where ill patients rally and recollect conscience before their dea…
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Classical Wood Frame Brick 3d Retro Wallpaper Rolls Background Wall Paper Murals | eBay
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Tomboy DressUp Paper felt Doll Set Closet Storage Bag children pretend Etsy handmade toddler kid
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RT @E40: E-40 New solo Album PRACTICE MAKES PAPER 07/26/19 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🍿
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The cast of Medieval Times is coming to #BNParamus! Join us to hear a story read by one of our special guests and t…
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@withvioletluv I personally found paper one pure ok I absolutely HATED paper two pure and stats was really nice but…
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You really don't see the soul of a company until you see what quality of toilet paper they offer in their washrooms
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The key to #success for your #SmallBusiness: Figuring out where you can improve most for the smallest effort. AKA t…
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