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RT @Rachael_Swindon: So, Boris Johnson's 3 illegal water cannons, the ones that were 25 years old and had 67 faults at the time of purch…
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Can you imagine the quality and entertainment value of baseball if we paid them a teachers salary?who'd watch that?…
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Late payments: Why your invoices are delayed and how to get them paid faster | Sage Advice US
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@ComplexSports Absolute joke of a match up. Hope everyone who paid to watch this Pantomime doesn’t feel too cheated 👍
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RT @TheRickyDavila: Something I can’t let disappear is the fact that Brett Kavanaugh clerked under Anthony Kennedy, the same guy whose…
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@dbongino I will have to look closely at my check I didn't realize baseball players salaries came out of our taxes.…
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RT @DineshDSouza: Who’s WE? We don’t pay players, owners do. The people who follow baseball do. Same with movie stars, CEOs etc. They…
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@MukyModz He paid him back
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Now that's funny Catturd. You should get paid.
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RT @DevinCow: @realDonaldTrump How many abortions have you paid for or supported? Let’s start with Broidy.
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RT @johnlegend: The case for impeachment is obvious to anyone who actually has paid attention to what Trump has done. He obstructs…
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@CELEBRITYBOOKER I registered my daughter and paid last year and still not had any response despite my emails and calls ??
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aku pikir2 rase macam nak buat video bagi nasihat cinta sambil pakai hoodie. cukup 100k followers buat paid review.
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RT @MediaShrink: #KrASSenstein Bros Disappear From Twitter! A Paid Disinformation #Resistance Bots’ Publicity Stunt Or #Trump & Vot…
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So were the abortions you paid for due to rape, incest, or to protect the life of the mother?
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RT @khalidkarim: Do you know that a Malaysian is the highest paid CEO in USA with a total remuneration of RM400 million in 2018?Gues…
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RT @TheRickyDavila: Something I can’t let disappear is the fact that Brett Kavanaugh clerked under Anthony Kennedy, the same guy whose…
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@catturd2 @cinderj26 They were admitted paid agitators. Hmmm.
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RT @AletaFMiller: Positive change is possible for women's rights in #Afghanistan. We've got great partners, a new strategy - & we're…
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@efiaodo1 @Flava660 @shattawalegh Were u the one who paid????fior 😏😏
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