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RT @thamefoodfest: Mmm…sweet, savoury… what will you go for when you join us at TFF? Check out our Street Food and Artisan Food Market…
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RT @BBCNews: Didcot power station: Last cooling towers demolished
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RT @MaydayTrust: Based in #Oxford? Have have a flare for admin and a passion for housing? Want to join a new and exciting team who a…
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RT @drbecky_: "I want to show people that you can be a serious academic scientist but you can also love nail polish and Taylor Sw…
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RT @RippleEnergy: Good bye to another of the UK’s old coal fired power stations. There’s now just 5 left, which will all close by 202…
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RT @elawassell: See it going down. #didcotpowerstation #didcotdemolition #didcottowers #didcot #oxfordshire
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RT @HydroBecky: The last of the didcot towers #didcot #didcotpowerstation #didcottowers #didcotpo #oxford #oxfordmail #oxfordshire…
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Girolles are back, not a bad haul, more to come @ Stoke Row, Oxfordshire
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She’s back, @taylorswift13 goes back to her roots with this AWESOME new single, which we think sounds very “Fearle…
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It will be so odd to go home and not see the towers. They have been part of the Oxfordshire landscape my whole life
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BBC News - #Didcot power station: Power cut as cooling towers demolished
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@GeorgeKearse You're right. People dying all around me as a result of these tweets. South Oxfordshire is a bloodbat…
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The Mighty Fall - Didcot power station: Power cut as cooling towers demolished - BBC News
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Is this the best place for Sunday lunch in Oxfordshire?
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Good to see #Oxford East MP @AnnelieseDodds on here but I can't see any other #Oxfordshire MPs on the list...
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RT @HydroBecky: The last of the didcot towers #didcot #didcotpowerstation #didcottowers #didcotpo #oxford #oxfordmail #oxfordshire…
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RT @RotaryGBI: Tim Cowling, from @RotaryFaringdon in Oxfordshire, explains what the Rotary Leadership and Management Programme is…
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The most un-green thing about this power station was not that it used coal, but that the energy in this huge amount…
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Watch Video: Didcot power station: Power cut as cooling towers demolished #Didcot #didcotpowerstation…
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