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@_jaidenteeple He owes me $2.75 for the pizza
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my brother owes me money and i think this mf blocked me
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@PoliticalKathy Nobody owes anything to their race. What did your “race” ever do for you? Self, family, country, God, but race? Seriously?
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@kordeistit Y’all really sound ridiculous demanding shit from her as if she owes anyone anything. Her career is on…
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RT @ilovequotebooks: Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. -Mark Twain
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@thekatiewilson This person had the nerve to steal your TR video and reupload it and asks you why you reported him!…
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Idk why y'all think normani owes y'all. I don't even understand what you think she owes you
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RT @LightsOut: @Charles16276405 Thanks for subscribing. Spade owes you one – we’ll have our people call your people. Just don’t fo…
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I got a whole list of non-monetary debts Jake owes me
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RT @UgwunnaEjikem: If you want to train a girl from Kindergarten to PhD with the aim of marrying her, then MAKE IT VERY CLEAR, if poss…
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RT @DDohertyFilms: Everyone who snarkily quoted this to imply she was only there for Westworld now owes Andrew 5 dollars each
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Marvel owes a lot to Wesley Snipes bc he kinda put them on the map movie production wise
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RT @BorisOwes: As of 3:00am, 21st July 2019, @BorisJohnson owes our NHS £54.606 billion.
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@jannji @LegendaryEnergy Hence my point. She owes it the her fellow Hawaiians to be there but the PR moving to Flor…
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the person i saw on the train wearing ah*g*o pants now owes me all the money they have for making me see them. they…
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@itsclark__ Should I just kill the African who anally raped me & do the time? Because I do not know how to hire an…
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July 20, 2019 at 10:00PMWhat A Destructive Wall Street Owes Young Americans - a square deal
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RT @virgillane1: I don't want your damn apology! The only person that owes me anything is ME! No one can do for anyone unwilling to…
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@AmazonHelp So, I let the team look into it and now it is worse? Seriously, this is not difficult. Amazon STILL owes me $50!
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Reading Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence and realizing how much of a debt that Fitzgerald owes to her depiction…
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