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RT @queenveej: But I also don’t view romantic relationships ending as wasted time. Things run their course and forcing it to work…
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apologies for the vent, I kinda just wanted to get that out there especially the fact that I've been slower with art than usual lol
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RT @StarkDefi: Presenting our MVP "Synergy Pools" - Lottery Mechanism on Starknet - Deposit Stable coins in our Zero-Loss Pool…
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RT @Fact: Are you getting enough Vitamin D? Find out here...
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RT @elanalynell: i wanna make it so so bad that it stresses me out.
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RT @djrothkopf: They will do anything to win. We must do more, turn out more voters, work harder, spend more, be relentless. No mat…
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RT @WhitneyNechelle: I honestly just want to figure out how to not work and just enjoy life. lol
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RT @SaiKate108: Victory for Lawyer, Aaron Siri who has finally obtained the reports that the CDC didn’t want you to see. 7.7% of 1…
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RT @I_BLaCKBeaRD_I: Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Battlefield 4™) live at
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RT @acaseofthegolf1: Any good wedding ends with a car in a creek. According to people I talked w a husband and a wife had an argument at…
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@agronomist09 @RocknRollAgrnmy @AgMafiaLLC @okkefromuskogee What and miss out on #TillageTuesday?!
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World Light out. Press ك̷و̷د̶ ̸خ̷ص̸م̴ كَوبون • تويو • تو يو • M52 🕥 • نمشي • نون • ZMM 🕥 • سيفي • ستايلي • 7FF 🕥 •…
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RT @the70s80srocker: Say it out loud! #کیرم_تو_بیت_رهبری Kidnapped!raped!beaten!butchered!murdered!And you stole her body again?…
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RT @solarkarii: this is one of his best laughs honestly, i really thought that ranboo was about to pass out it was great
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RT @SpaceInvadersAI: FLOOR IS GROWING SLOWLY OUT OF RADARS! We are working on new roadmap and new discord. ONE WORLD: 🧹! D Σ ᄂ I Ƨ Ƭ !🧹…
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RT @sahouraxo: "The destruction of the pipelines was clearly not carried out by Russia. No one believes that. In fact, the German…
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RT @AWeissmann_: This is not rocket science. Right after the midterms, this is going to be my constant refrain: DOJ must put us out…
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RT @ASUnion: Thank you @senator_sheldon for helping to call out this abhorrent behaviour by Qantas. Mark our words - we will be…
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RT @SimNormie: Mom Landgraab with her Sims Bustin Out look #TheSims4 #ShowUsYourSims
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