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@VintageBrowns I like it. Always thought they should incorporate gray in the tired orange/brown/white color scheme.…
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RT @BillOReilly: Oregon has passed a law that demands public schools teach about the Holocaust. This is a good thing as students sho…
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#IWASHERE #BeYourBestSelf I am born and raised in and on being on the streets mostly in foster homes…
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RT @CNNPolitics: Oregon state GOP chair filed recall documents to remove Democratic governor from office
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RT @Back_dafucup: THIS IS WHY WE MOVED TO OREGON!!! This was on my walk today.
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RT @HananyaNaftali: The next generation MUST learn about the #Holocaust. They must know why it's so important to combat modern Antisem…
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RT @TheRealMrACL: Great example of what competition brings. Draftkings has Oregon St Over 2.5 wins +125. Ballys, literally next doo…
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RT @comfortzone_LG: One of the loveliest and uncommon, native wildflowers has got to be meadow checker mallow, or Sidalcea campestris.…
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Oregon Summer Bass Fishing (DOUBLE DIGIT FISH LOST)
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@kitten3105 See?? We’re connected already! 🙂 I’m glad I met you! Hello from Oregon!
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RT @FPBland: Huge win for Oregon consumers cheated by BP - successful class action will send checks for at least $185 to 1.7 mil…
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Tirage au sort. A gagner : 1 caméra Sport GOPRO HERO 7 WHITE de 219 euros, 2 casques BlueTooth Sony MRDZX750BNB de…
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@_Donnie_ @erickalmacias lmao he not booty, he just needs a better team to play & he’ll be playing back like he was when he was in Oregon
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RT @EkaLee10: “Why are you always in Oregon” “Because I live in hayfork” “I’ve never heard of it” “Exactly...”
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@Salem_Statesman I don't think the theatrics aee going to increase your popularity in Oregon.
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RT @sikandarmirza10: Oregon -Cannon Beach-Shutterstock
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Point is I have new music to perform on Saturday so Oregon residents come see ya boy 😁
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RT @GratitudeDNA: อ่านเรื่องเศร้าๆของหมีต้วนี้..ที่ตายเพราะคนเลี้ยงอาหารจนเชื่องได้ที่:
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@Maurice04984776 Good morning Maurice.. That would be great if I was staying in Michigan but my lease ends at the e…
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