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RT @KAlohali: قام مركزأوراكل السعودي للابتكار بالمشاركة في #برنامج_رواد_التقنية في المنطقة الغربية و الرياض من خلال تقديم الارشاد…
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"You will need all the power you can muster to survive this terrible test, great one." - Oracle
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Today @OracleSecurity will release patches for 322 vulnerabilities. Also 3 my bugs will be patched in Oracle BI O…
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RT @recursivecodes: Next up in my blog series, let's wire up an async, non-blocking declarative HTTP client in @micronautfw to interact…
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RT @ChipotleTweets: Yes, we deliver to Area 51.
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RT @RealScottWolter: @AudioJoad This one is... can you see the Oracle?
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@Besk0n3 hmm, not my forte but I'm not sure why it wouldn't work. The only reason it's not more ubiquitous is that…
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the mothers gift for you is among with in the warriors that of the combat the two everyone last traveling in the mi…
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Checked @oraclebeer the other night and wished I would have gotten there sooner to try more beer. Loved C-Beans wit…
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@Oracle BI session with Famous Software. Pivot tables galore!
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Next up in my blog series, let's wire up an async, non-blocking declarative HTTP client in @micronautfw to interact…
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@WebDMshow I went into the wilds of adventures' league with the intention of finding the seeds of a home group. We'…
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See how much conversational #AI is being embraced and check out #OOW19 – where Digital Assistant will literally be…
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Oracle database ORA-01722: invalid number because of calculated field
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RT @Craig_Galbraith: Reasons why #SBC vendors @Huawei @metaswitch @Oracle @ribboncomm @Sangoma might be worth recommending to a friend.
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Up Lyfting -- -- I’m pretty sure I’m becoming an oracle. Continue reading on The Startup »
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@finrekt @Link_Oracle Things that make you feel comfy
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*trips* Goin through old sketchbooks and located original designs of Oracle, who for some reason I named 'Sunder Li…
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RT @versaccounts: Ensuring Your ERP Applications Are Secure In New Cloud Environments: @forbes @forbestechcncl @jp_pereze
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