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@jacksettleman @ShamsCharania Ur stupid in my opinion
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@Hector52641581 @tere_marinovic Amigo orejas , primero que todo que hace aquí??? Segundo nadie le pidió su opinión…
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@TheeRossHendrix @WrestlePurists Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr maybe just maybe someone has a different opinion 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
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@hugovzz En mi opinión ya estudiado este tema creo que es importante tomar consecuencias sobre nuestros actos para…
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RT @GNev2: Why does the greatest player of all time (in my opinion) have to wait two weeks to tell Manchester United fans the…
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RT @mesa_plural: La columna de @Cachoperiodista // Ideología antes que la educación Vía. @heraldodemexico
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RT @chantz_y: If we based back-to-school Covid policies on science and not public opinion, lives would be so much easier for kids, parents and caregivers.
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@bigskycowboy1 @benshapiro Commenting neither suggests I actually care about your opinion nor requires I like the p…
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RT @gonzajm04: Unpopular opinion: es mucho mejor que la sesión de Quevedo y si la intérprete no fuese trans la hubieran llevado al…
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RT @Shaggratz: Te doy mi opinión así porque no me alcanza un tuit: El problema está en entender que nuestra restricción externa (R…
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@kev21261 You're welcome. Don't let it put you off saying what you think, a difference of opinion never killed anybody 🙂
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@JeddWest People are listening. Those in power are not...if it doesn't fit their agenda, they don't care. In my opinion!
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RT @IDK: Niggas be putting they heart and soul in a song. Only for some group of kids who never made art outside arts and cr…
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@Jota__Ese es entretenido pero modere sus expectativas, en mi opinión (yo soy igual. saca libro y yo altiro: te of…
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RT @creativeguyz77: Which is the Best film of 2021 in your Opinion?! #SIIMA2022 #SiimaNominations #Roberrt #GGVV #Yuvarathnaa #Salaga…
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RT @HKontrak: Starting the paragraph with "during my time" actually invalidates your opinion. Dia compare dia pindah tempat ker…
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@CareyPW2 I totally get that, but would strongly urge you to take that feedback from your editor and your beta/alph…
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RT @RachelBitecofer: Control the narrative. Control public opinion.
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@RpsAgainstTrump Yes I think so stubborn maybe but a few are good people in my opinion
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@Synth2568 @DevyDev2004 @HYPEX @qCandywing @FortniteGame So you haven’t seen it your opinion isn’t valid 💀
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