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RT @MinnesotaPGA: The 102nd Minnesota State Open presented by Grand View Lodge is here! The course at @RushCreekGC looks fantastic an…
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@BlendedEnt Thank you so very, very much. I also got to Sheppard in some new directors so if was a wonderful opport…
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RT @BeyStats: Beyoncé’s #MOOD4EVA and #BROWNSKINGIRL has been added to @Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits Playlist!
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RT @fluffy___: StayWoke University & Those Nasty Dawgs Presents STAY 🤫OWT 🐶 Aug 2️⃣8️⃣th @ The Trace Doors open at 1️⃣0️⃣🅿️〽️…
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FFHの敵の何がずるいって、ガチのヴィランと戦う羽目になった時のためにスパイディ生かしておこうって画策してるとこだよなぁ。 まぁ指パッチン後だから、そこは考えて当然ではあるんだけど。
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RT @catturd2: Back in the real world ... Every Conservative I know - accepts every one with open arms, love and understanding. I…
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RT @BTSWORLDWlDE: Name all songs from Love Yourself 轉 'Tear' ✔ One Song Per Reply ✔ Reply Together with voting hashtag, #KCAMexico…
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@Tara_Poppins @alyfowler I’d want to completely strip the inside and have it really modern and open plan, paint all…
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36 #freepromote Open BO ↪ ditakinanti1 Info RR cek bio
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RT @annlemay: I am so, so into this. "“Peace Island” will be [...] a non-violent interactive story which will focus on discover…
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Office not even open yet people already showing up
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RT @ArcheAgeJP: #アーキエイジTwitterくじ 【第2週:3日目】 新サーバー「Aria」OPENは7/24(水)✨ Amazonギフト券やゲーミングデバイスのプレゼントキャンペーン開催🎁 フォロー&RTでくじの結果が届きます📩抽選券集めると…
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@LuisaCastillo0 Tienes razón, aun espero que esta ciudad sea open minded.
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RT @rejectedstars_: Feel me? yung gustong gusto mong mag open up sa iba kaso nahihiya ka kasi baka dumagdag ka pa sa burden na dala dala nila :(
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RT @peterquillsI: you’ve just found a secret room after breaking into Area 51, you open the door and find these two in there your la…
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RT @pamunqkas: a reminder; one day someone will show enough effort to actually wanna be there for you. so keep the hope but stay…
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RT @spotifymickydog: 雨は嫌いで いつもテンション下がります。 でも今朝はすごく幸せな気持ちで傘をさして歩きました💙 そしてにやけました🥰 #ユチョン #SLOWDANCE #Magic おすすめの曲… Magic by Park Yu Chun
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@thehill They will be unified for 5mins before one of the 2 dumb dumbs open there mouths and it's back to allout in fighting
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