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Regional Integrated Care Organisations or RICOs there will be six and one will be piloted next year to be reactive…
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@IngrahamAngle Maybe you should sit this one out, Laura.
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RT @Carolou9: @GarethLauraTV @JasonGoodwinYT Dad was like you should get one to make Laura happy. Harley hasn't had one on years lol. Xx
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@Laura_HBIC My daughter has a ginger named Catsby ( literary nerd) . He walked into her apartment one day and never…
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Was watching Hannity last night with Trump on the phone. Time went past 10:00 and the interview passed into the Lau…
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@Emma_walkers @_one_laura_ Ah ouais pas loins
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No matter how difficult the day is, we can always find at least one thing to #thank God for. Do it. And make sure t…
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@latingle @SenatorMcGrath Laura..I hope you were halfway thru a bottle of red, and thought 'fuckit', drained the re…
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RT @Owishemwe: Hold up, y’all just be having threesomes like it’s a normal thing huh ? One person is giving me a headache and y’al…
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RT @graeae: Job Alert! 🚨 There's still plenty of time to apply for our new role as Assistant Director to work on our production…
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RT @flobabyK: @KimOlsonTx Unbelievable. One take! And poised as hell. You are amazing.
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RT @Edwin_Obura: The only driving lesson I ever got was to be calm, composed and expect anything when I am behind a taxi. I stopped…
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RT @Cdiscount: 🎁 #Concours Tentez de remporter une Xbox One S Fortnite ➡ 🔸 Pour tenter de la gagner : RT…
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RT @Alfonso_AraujoG: La verdad es que Las Mañaneras son de lo peor que visto en mi vida. Y sí, he visto a Laura en América. Y sí, he vi…
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@homelesshorse Worse than that, looks like four brexiteers against one people's vote as Laura pidcock is a Corbyn supporter.
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It's apparently law in an office to come over when someone is eating their lunch at their desk to comment on what t…
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I’ve never seen one single dark grey Chevy Malibu until I bought one and I just counted 16 on my way to work
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RT @wef: For every dollar a man earns, a woman earns 54 cents. There’s a simple reason for this and a complicated one, says…
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@GarethLauraTV @JasonGoodwinYT Dad was like you should get one to make Laura happy. Harley hasn't had one on years lol. Xx
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RT @Ashton5SOS: Feeling really excited for you to see the @Calum5SOS. He’s one of the most pure and deeply intricate souls I know. His words are powerful!
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