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RT @SocialistVoice: Hidden toll of ambulance delays at A&E puts lives at risk caused by Tory cuts NHS data shows problem of holdups th…
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It’s a beautiful afternoon for some baseball....since hockey is officially over 😭!
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This is officially imo one of the best themes in Pokémon.
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RT @IamJoshHarvin: So full that I’ve gotten to meet y’all officially man. Real family from the jump, My brothers man! Let’s take the w…
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I officially hate iphones and this touch screen shit💀💀
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COLLABORATE 18 is officially in motion. Come see us at booth 1231 on the trade show floor. @COLLAB_OAUG #oracle…
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i already know @floralivingapp is gonna be my new favorite app !!! super excited to see what @Kehlani and co. have…
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Tickets officially purchased, and I'm only having a mild panic attack. 😅😅🛫
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RT @BTSxCanada: 🇨🇦CANADIAN ARMY, WE DID IT 🎉 Love Yourself: Tear by @BTS_twt is #1 on Amazon Canada 🇨🇦 20 hours after pre-orders w…
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RT @BTS_ARMY_INT: BTS is officially on their way to becoming the first Korean group to surpass 350M views on a music video, right now…
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RT @AHamiltonSpirit: Here’s what happened yesterday Andrew McCabe criminal investigation recommendations Paul Manafort suspected as R…
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RT @fkajack: shania twain being the most uninterested guest judge in drag race history & now saying she would have voted for tru…
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RT @theseoulstory: 'High School Rapper' Chin Chilla officially signs with Million Market home to Suran & Penomeco…
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RT @RealMAGASteve: Mark Meadows Warns Lynch and Comey That He Has the Evidence That Will SINK Both of Them. The tables are officiall…
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RT @CH1NKYGYAL: lol i'm officially done with niggas.
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RT @theseoulstory: 'High School Rapper' Chin Chilla officially signs with Million Market home to Suran & Penomeco…
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@1flapdown77 @BH_JBalan She’s officially retired
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RT @trashygaytweets: And I officially stan The Vixen now
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Lastoneleft804 has officially changed #FearTheWalkingDead title to #Morgan!
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