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@truetexasnative @secondtierpod How often do they get 0-0’s in the pissing rain on a Tuesday night?
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my parents flight got delayed by 6 hours last night and when the airlines promised them dinner, do you know what th…
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@http_medi A summer night’s dream
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RT @Peelichappal: She thinks raiding homes at night and harassing old mother of a former minister, harassing a woman who is a cancer…
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No idea why you spent whole night arguing who should sit on bench in an international game you have zero interest i…
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RT @satoshichiwata: 毎回、休み明けに仕事を辞めたいと思っていませんか? そんな苦痛からは早めに脱出しましょう‼️ 仕事はもうちょっと、選んでみたらいいんです。 この記事では、そんな時にとる行動をまとめています。 読んでみて、すぐにでも実行してみて…
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RT @fineboytunde_: Night gain 🌃 Retweet & drop "❤️" follow everyone that likes your comment
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not gonna complain bcos not able to sleep at night when i was suppose to is way more worst😩
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RT @Deemanmusic: If to say Una sabi my background, you will wish me well and support me. Good night to all Deemanians 🤞🏽❤️
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RT @jdb_blue: FaceTime night avec ta go >>>
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@GuyCharnock @RickShielsPod Can’t wait to see the show on Saturday. Travelling down from Scotland for it with my br…
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RT @Oloyedey4u: Night gain 🌃 Retweet, then comment ❤️ follow everyone that likes your comment 🥇 $₦€
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RT @werjokenya: A video of Kelly Brown performing with the Muchuzi Mix Boys (the in-house band of the Sombrero Night Club) on Voice…
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@smileyyfool yeahh i said this last week and then went to bed at like 7am one night so. we shall see 😃
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RT @woodwardsports: 🚨Detroit Tigers Hat Giveaway🚨 We are giving away THREE road hats to three lucky winners. All you have to do to ent…
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RT @SOAMayanAddicts: With all this talk about @SonsofAnarchy vs @MayansFX & @KimFCoates coming on #MayansFX I thought it would be fun to…
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RT @PTIofficial: Imported Govt probably knows that they will be kicked out forever if they don't stop people before they start March…
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RT @NatureDevotee1: Good night ! 🌟💫🌟
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RT @codyjohnson: Denver! The snow and cold didn’t stop y’all from showing up! What an incredible night. Thanks to my bud @lukecombs
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RT @BBCSport: 📞 You've always got that one mate who'll call you back! @MicahRichards, @chris_sutton73 and @RorySmith joined…
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