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Got to see an old friend today mcsling paid us a visit. Of course he needed something 😂🤣
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RT @StarChazion: Mermaid Moshang AU🧜‍♂️ MBJ cursed his bastard of an uncle as he was thrown on the marble white altar that faced th…
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RT @mhauken: 10 secret iPhone hacks you never knew you needed:
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@AlanWessman And to convince them that while they individually may feel small and unable to make change... together…
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RT @AggregateOsint: The BMPT Terminator was developed following #Russian equipment losses in the Soviet-Afghan war and the First Cheche…
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RT @mapleveewesem: 🚨 SOCAL FOSTER NEEDED 🚨 This 11 yo blind #poodle is being surrendered to Bubbles Dog tomorrow, Saturday 5-21. If y…
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RT @Deramba1: With hundreds dying daily and millions risking death in about a month time if the blockade of food + meds + fuel in…
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RT @dndSection: Hope this inspires all rappers in Nigeria to drop music competition is needed to push the culture !
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RT @AyeItsDrayy: @julianbuchanann Curry can win and his team actually produce. if he’s having a bad night, he can actually trust his…
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@xhanalexander @fallingcatcult @TheFunny_mp4 I needed this, thank you
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RT @The__Solstice: Highly disappointed in @TrippinApeNFT 's decision to go with ME launchpad over Solport. I could understand if the…
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RT @gurkiratsgill: Pant's mistakes in the field will hide the fact that DC were poor with the ball. Spinners going for 65 in 7 runs wa…
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Perhaps above all, they needed digitisation to effect universal surveillance and new, supercharged forms of propaga…
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RT @KobeissiLetter: $VIX high by market crash: 1. 2008: 96 2. 2020: 85 3. 1998: 50 4. 2018: 50 5. 2010: 48 6. 2011: 48 7. 2002:…
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all i wanted sana was a heads up na ibibigay na sa iba :))) Thank you for understanding. plus I agree, i never canc…
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I suppose this is the real reason why I am here. Oh well. It is important to feel needed.
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RT @rizviofficial0: Not educated people needed only honset people needed . Ameer TLP Ameer Saad Hussain Rizvi #لبیک_بہاولپور_جلسہ
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RT @MiamiHEAT: No caption needed
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It’s always when your starting to feel normal again. I remember back in elementary she made me sit down at the tabl…
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RT @jvmswrld: renjun in we boom era because we need it back; a needed thread
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