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@radyum tapi lebih native sih kedengerannya dibandingin ente. ente kan cinglish. cibinong english
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@ichizoba Oh yeah, i agree 100%. It’s like you’re giving a head start, in culture, language and traditions... oppos…
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Universities Now Opening Online Degree Programs – CheckIn{1765088}&sg_uid=9bdfa34fe77e49fbb27526f700b0c6ec SmartNews
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RT @crimesofbrits: On this day in 1847, the Native American Choctaw people raised money for the Irish being starved by Britain despite…
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RT @ThisDayIrish: This day 172 years ago – 23 March 1847 – the Choctaw, a Native American tribe, donated $170 to the Memphis Irish Re…
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RT @ndngenuity: Native nations will win their lawsuit and Obama’s Bears Ears National Monument will be back, former Interior boss t…
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RT @Underground_RT: "I started working with a native carver named Charles Joseph...he had a childhood so INDESCRIBABLY AWFUL, if you he…
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RT @Rbigzs: @Liberty_Belle04 @heyitsCarolyn Thank You, from one Native Floridian to another
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Support Efforts To Combat Native American Stereotypes #care2
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RT @jtgreene: “Kubernetes + Knative + Quarkus are a game changer for cloud native development and a joy for any Java developer.”…
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RT @ThisDayIrish: This day 172 years ago – 23 March 1847 – the Choctaw, a Native American tribe, donated $170 to the Memphis Irish Re…
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RT @brettachapman: Standing Bear resisted the U.S. with a unique weapon. Armed only with this piece of paper, he walked into a federal…
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RT @JavierRamosRod7: An introduction to Quarkus. All you need to know. @QuarkusIO #DevOps #Microservices #Serverless #Java
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CONFEDERATE SOLDIER: Native American, 65+. A bit past her prime. Nudity: yes. Gas stipend for talent over 50 miles away.
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@Shakeelr @DalrympleWill Um... tea turned out to be native to India! Much to the Brits’ surprise
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Heaven and Hell… Again! - A short story, written in my native language, came my way today. I don’t usually transla…
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RT @PasturesPolitic: Plant. Native. Wildflowers. And. Grasses. IT AIN'T HARD
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RT @Deemar10: Become a native doctor sharp sharp.
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