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@ale_neo_ @CarlosRomeroSFC @joaki_sevilla La revolución por la revolución, no es solución a nada. Es +, ahonda más…
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RT @Teslaconomics: Wall Street analysts are too naive to understand that the demand is NOT the problem, but rather it’s the supply of…
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@usher_206 @evenmorebizarro @NatalieSuB I am not naive enough that I trust them in the slightest😉. I am just saying…
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RT @RobertJenrick: .⁦@TheSun⁩ reveals the appalling crimes committed by dangerous foreign criminals who weak and naive Labour politici…
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RT @6JIphrcSJxUug08: \あっぱれトーク会/ ~トークで泣かない為に~ 雨の中☔御来場賜りまして、 ありがとうとう.広東麺🍜感謝です🙇‍♂️ 今日は風間さんと、バッチバチ🔥 バトルがトークすました🙏💦 結果..引き分けワケワケわかめご飯🍙💚 次回は勝つ…
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I was so naive. I thought I could just go and buy a bike.
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RT @LatinaCasanova: Women show you there red flags Some men are just too naïve to pick up on them
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when u spend two whole weeks trying to figure out someone's behavior only to realize they're gaslighting u 😭 my nai…
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RT @naive_kracie: やさしい泡だけじゃなくなった⁉️ ︶︶ ︶︶v ︶︶ ︶︶ ︶︶ ︶︶ ︶ ˗ˋˏ 💓ナイーブリニューアル記念💙 ˎˊ˗ 新ナイーブの泡タイプ2種 各1本が 抽選で50名様に当たる🎁✨ ①@naive_kracie をフォロー…
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A naive lady needs you to invade a polluted castle and identify eight helmets. Beware the giant. Reward: two dwarven rusks.
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@welterred3_raza @pakikurri Shouldn't bring anyone's mother, he should have learn this school or in life or maybe he is just too naive.
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RT @unabridgedplath: I want so obviously, so desperately to be loved, and to be capable of love. I am still so naive; I know pretty much…
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@AuntyHeihei Deleted my tweet, it was mean spirited. I have no malice towards this girl individually, she is young,…
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@Mantou_naive @Wanxuan_jin1999 店家这个是款式多少斤哇?
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This may sound a little naive , but when is enough- enough? Why after all these many years, when these boys are now…
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@fangshimin 长者的一句话,非常适合评价西方的很多政客和所谓的专家:too young, too simple, sometimes naive
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RT @MP_Muye: A breathtaking presentation by Professor Yetunde Odugbesan- Omede.... This message is specifically for Japa who p…
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RT @RetsonTedheke01: DON'T BE NAIVE; This Yoruba and Igbo Confrontation Particularly On Social Media is Not Ending Unless Asiwaju Bola A…
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