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RT @_Abdul_Venom: @being_battalion @iBeingAnkush Mera ❤️de ka Blockbuster bas 2 3 Jada Hai selmon ka SRK se, Ratio bhi Same hai HGO…
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RT @mmpandit: Let’s go deeper into Her myth from the Pranatoshini Tantra: She is said to swallow Mahadev. This is the origin of t…
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RT @UTDkingsley: Aaron Wan Bissaka doesn’t offer anything when attacking is such a myth
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RT @DannyKalash: “For more than half a century, the plastics industry has engaged in an aggressive campaign to deceive the public, p…
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Why Kemp’s $250 tax refund is a myth to many Georgians.
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RT @topherick: It's wild that Elon Musk could have just kinda...been quietly rich AF and enjoyed his life. Instead every new word…
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RT @QuirklessStoner: The man, the myth, the legend:
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@Cheamane @Kittibee Americans are enslaved by fear,a nation of people who fear their neighbours. The land of the fr…
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RT @BestForBritain: And, simultaneously, a record number of food bank users. It’s almost as if “trickle down wealth” is a myth. ~AA
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RT @fatfatpankocat: Btw she is fine now so myth confirmed: cats hold grudges for 16 hours
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@SociopathicRant @Esqueer_ You can't seriously be this thick and claim that you think the milk is similar to woman's!
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RT @_Abdul_Venom: @being_battalion @iBeingAnkush Mera ❤️de ka Blockbuster bas 2 3 Jada Hai selmon ka SRK se, Ratio bhi Same hai HGO…
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@WildWestShow4 Most democratic nations don't directly elect their chief executive either, instead they use a proces…
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This is a really interesting piece about navigating our psychological underworlds through the deep and tranformativ…
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@Bihar_se_hai They feel that every Bihari carries a gun/katta. GoW has further strengthened this myth (sharing from…
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RT @TukTuk_Academy: Paddikal the man, the myth, the legend gone for 3(9)🔥...followed by Sanju Samson with his magnificent TukTuk knock…
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RT @boycalledcrow_: Happy release day @XquiMusic and @subexotic🥰 "‘Magic & Myth’ is an album for dreamers and thinkers, for quiet cont…
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RT @Gabz_Amadi: They want me in the office twice a week. Told my line manager it’s a myth. Sticking with one day, cost of living is rising pls
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