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@Falkorkat @Laura_Bert1 Nite Falky, Kees, Pip and mum 😘😘😘😘💤💤
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Normal insanlar; mum ışığında romantizm yaşar. Ben; mum ışığında meditasyon yapıyorum
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RT @CarolRadull: Eight months in the centre in Mombasa and my girl Conjestina Achieng looks so good!Work in a gym awaits her upon co…
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@Oluwatobisteph6 💙💙💯
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@a_little_god_ @officialABAT Thank God my mum isn’t disgracing me o God abeg
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@wuerzkoenigin Wo gibt's die? Die muss ich probieren.
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RT @kriptozenciii: Kırmızı box deyip geçmemek lazımmış değil mi ?Aşağıdaki grafik hala geçerli arkadaşlar 1 haftadır aynı grafik üzeri…
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RT @CryptoDonAlt: Today I'm grateful for the life crypto has enabled me to have I still remember the days when I was young, having t…
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RT @sheyman_sznn: Aboki: one yam na N1000 My mum: you no gree two N800? Me:
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@male_muwanga @Canellelabelle His mum died because she didn't wear her seat belt.
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@DrNickSmiff @HuntEarlyYears They were very lapse when my mum was at infant school in Leeds in the '50s, because th…
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RT @fluttrershy: yay my mum said if my ed team is pleased w me i might not have to see them for six months MANIFEST W ME 😬
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RT @sheyman_sznn: Aboki: one yam na N1000 My mum: you no gree two N800? Me:
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@WontQuitEver I was born in 1954 with fish and dairy allergies. Mum was the same. Iodine gives me hives. Diary makes me puke. Genetics.
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RT @DrHoenderkamp: This woman is my rock. She made me everything I am and to this day I couldn’t function without her thanks mum. This…
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@ask_aubry Rude and gross. She should have pulled out her phone at the same time and been like, "I'm talking to your mum."
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RT @PlsMASKthankyou: Integrity Commissioner & OPP called to investigate a MAJOR DEVELOPER allegedly handing town councillor an envelope…
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I am so excited, I had to share with my friends. Mum took my DNA 2 weeks ago and my results came back today. I am…
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@AsherIsGaming i used to have conversations with a picture of my dead nan and tell my mum stuff i couldn't know unl…
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my mum pointed out theyll probably wait to annoubce it until winter to overshadow the cost of living crisis spiking…
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