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RT @MSNBC: Republicans are trying to use the legitimacy of the House to veil their bigotry. But the internet exists, and their…
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RT @MSNBC: WATCH: Rep. Maxine Waters gives a no-nonsense answer to Rep. Guy Reschenthaler when asked what Vladimir Putin, Xi J…
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@KeithOlbermann When I visit relatives who live in rural areas of red states, their cable companies don’t even offe…
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@MSNBC I am a woman, I am a survivor of displaced person camps, I am an Immigrant to Canada, I am white, I am Jewis…
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@MSNBC @thereidout Ok lol. Always the race card
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I was listening to those POS snakes on CNN and MSNBC talking about someone who lied, cheated and stole deceiving th…
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@MSNBC y'all are more worried about the left crying over nothing why are y'all not covering…
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RT @FrankFigliuzzi1: U.S. officials reportedly discussed shooting it down: Suspected Chinese spy balloon found over northern U.S. ⁦…
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@Le__Joo @robbystarbuck It's he translation for those with two synapses, or those that follow CNN/MSNBC
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RT @DogecoinRide: Do you support Elon Musk calling out MSNBC for lying to the American people?
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RT @ThomasEWoods: MSNBC is running a headline right now: "The Right-Wing Backlash to Teaching Black History" Yes, that's how they're portraying this
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@MSNBC Isn't it amazing how every democrat in the house voted to support antisemitism! Supporting hate towards Jew…
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EVERY WHITE PERSON IN AMERICA SHLD FEEL BAD…. Abt our history of RACISM! #msnbc #cnn #inners
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RT @RobSchneider: Way to go @jimmy_dore And (I can’t believe I’m saying this!) kudos to @MSNBC for allowing this to be heard.
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RT @RoadMN: Cable News Ratings Overload Wed Feb 1 Primetime Average Demo | Total Viewers 1⃣@FoxNews 331,333 | 2,511,667 2⃣…
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@MSNBC She is such an anti American. Why is she here?
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RT @ginsengity: #MSNBC #CNN Thankfully here in Michigan our leaders R more intelligent- U have to already be kind of stupid to do t…
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@goodtroubless @JimmyCompton75 @MSNBC She is about American as Osama Bin Laden.
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RT @ginsengity: #MSNBC #CNN Put aside the racism for a second, put aside @GovRonDeSantis political ambitions for a second- the end…
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RT @IlhanMN: I will continue to speak for the families who are seeking justice around the world— whether they are displaced in r…
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