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@AnnieSajous @auntcle0 @LPRxcky So what the Kid can’t stay over at the Dads house? Spend time with her brother? You…
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If things go well it’s looking like Teena and I found us a new apartment. Will need any and all help to move if you want to help us :)
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i am beyond ready to move to leeds and get away from everyone and everything here lmao
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Ill really miss them but its the best honestly for us they need to forget me and the things i did to them and i jus…
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@ElGee35 What are yout thoughts on the lakers trading for ad? Was it a smart move or would they have been better of…
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Kya hu gya hu gya - whatever has happened has happened. We literally move on. That’s simply it. We can’t dwell on i…
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It is sad to see everything fall apart like this, but all that can be done is heal and move forward.
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@SiegeSoco Yup! The yuppies move in, plow a dozer over every inch, put a McMansion on the lot and move out when the…
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RT @nooneisillegal: The #UniteAgainstRacism march ends at the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board office in Toronto, where the CBSA…
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RT @benz145: Throwing this out there to VR friends in the Bay Area -- I'm looking to move apartments in the South Bay, anyone ar…
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I really really want to move out. You can feel the animosity between my family and I’m tired of it.
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you move into a new house and a creepy neighbor tells you to leave or bd things will happen. do you
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@FlirtyBookMare Silently walks up to Twilight from behind and, in one quick move, proceeds to grab her by the horn…
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@sjs856 @cinabonjovi @Mr1AboveNinety9 🗣 say it again for the Desperados in the back😂... men are natural Hunters, if…
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i used to know a guy who did performance art where he’d try to do impossible shit like push a building over or move…
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sede and gonna tryina wish marriage and kids on me, not even first to reach my financial goal or move out uno??
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@JoyAnnReid Not a surprise and explains a lot. There is nothing he can do that move his hooded brethren, nothing
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RT @Jhodges_02: Make that move my guy 🙌🏽 no place like the crib 🏝
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You can’t change what has already happened, so don’t waste your time thinking about it. Move on, let go, and get over it.
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No offense but I want to move far far away and start a new life thx
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