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RT @SushmaC02381372: ##महर्षि_दयानंद_की_सच्चाई It is written on Samullas 4 page 70 that at the time of marriage, leaving the father's go…
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RT @TheWitnessedBoy: I knew mother wouldn't disappoint omg what a magical night 😩 Katy Perry X americanidol finale 2022
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@AdenijiSheriff2 Because she is a single mother she should go with an ugly person that she doesn't like
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RT @murtazasolangi: There is no justification for JUI-F leader Rashid Soomro to talk trash against the mother of Imran Khan. Imran is e…
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Swifties have been coming for Nicki unprovoked for so long, but let someone call her an off key, off pitch stick wh…
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RT @HGA_11six: I'm 100% confident that my mother's prayers have saved my life more times than I can imagine.
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RT @Ishoukat110: Tribute to Chairman Imran Khan’s mother #امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور #ImranKhan #LetsReadyForMarch
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Mother, 2 aunts, 2 cousins , 1 sibling
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@Sea31600 @Starbucks So you agree that Republicans are hate filled. They demand a woman give birth to a child that…
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RT @MJJSeagull: @Beany_1 @Peston @itvnews @BorisJohnson @PaulBrandITV 14th November 2020 was when my mother in law died. My husband…
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@noturgfsnudes @elonmusk @greg_mother It’s a family tradition
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Tragic: Baby Died from Drowning in 3 Inches of Bathwater After Mother Fainted Following Her Covid-19 Vaccination…
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RT @SusanLeeLaw: @dzoolander85 My 92 year old mother recently spent 3 hours on the floor waiting for the paramedics after a fall. Doug Ford did this.
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RT @drpenking: Please give your mother before you give your girlfriend. If you die today, your girl might mourn you for a day but…
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RT @kunalparghi19: Mother's Day wishes to all mothers who sent their son to the border to defend the country and lost their brave son…
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RT @retquits: mother 🌿 my full piece for @hadeszine 💛
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RT @CramerSez: The #BidenAdministration is an #EOMF (Equal Opportunity Mother F$cker)
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@mg_hemanth Again come with Mother Sentiment👀 Lol hope its been a great massive film #Yash19 with Narthan sir
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RT @MogRagga: The Boss has something to say. "I'd like to thank all who are helping the Mother get me back to her. She has now m…
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RT @PoojaMedia: Super Eagles & Copenhagen midfielder, Akin Amoo celebrated the Danish title with his mother. Proud mother ❤
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