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RT @saloe2398: Good morning! Can we please retweet this vigorously until this child gets her miracle🥺? Maybe her help is one TL a…
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RT @b0mbchell_: You woke up this morning so you’re still in the running towards your wildest dreams. 🙏🏾✨
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RT @TyParkerS: good morning
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SEU Alumnus Dr. David Docusen was recently featured on Good Morning America! Dr. Docusen discussed his new book, Ne…
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RT @LaurainSpanish_: Another not-so-fun Sunday morning story. Today, I got chased and harrassed while I was walking my dog… for being Muslim #yeg #ableg 🧵
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RT @grand442003: Good Morning Twitter Friends and Family. What an Awesome GOD we serve. "He's Worthy To Be Praised."
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@fergi99 Pretty sure I had that a couple years ago. Was a bad node on tank. Worked the night before, was gone at startup next morning
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RT @alyonivn: Good morning, my amazing #NFTFAM 💖 I wish you a great week, draw lots of beautiful work and get lots of emails of h…
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RT @InnehJoseph: This is me saying THANK YOU @expertnaire. Good morning from Dubai 🇦🇪
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RT @glennbeck: Computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac tells me how FAST the country turned on him after he exposed Hunter Biden's…
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RT @B6TGIRLS: yet there will be someone spoiling the whole season at 6 in the morning
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RT @Elkrosmediahub: The video of that northern woman and her kids murdered in Anambra state have ruined my morning. Why fgs!!!! What…
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A huge diolch to St Fagans for our wonderful workshop this morning. @StFagans_Museum @ShiHumanities
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RT @eversincerry: HELLO if you were in pit for ono, I strongly suggest getting tested for covid. I just tested positive this morning.…
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@sc107sc like what i wrote about the chinese premier this morning, things are aligning now very quickly. both xi an…
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RT @Sydney_ke_: The older I get I more I understand why chickens wake up in the morning and just scream.
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RT @MexicanWolves: That moment when your one co worker is talking too much on a Monday morning #wolves #lobo #endangeredspecies
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Good morning. Our office is closed today. We hope you are enjoying #VictoriaDay
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