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Conditions in Plumbridge at 11:00 Temp: 12.7 C Wind: 4 mph from the W (7 mph gust) Press: 1007.1 hPa, Rising slowl…
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I know I say this every month BUT idk something about this months flow is very painful 😰 I am legit dying
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"We wanted to document the visually striking space of the Smithfield fruit, vegetable and flower market before it c…
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RT @littlebirdgin: To celebrate the #augustbankholiday later this month, we are giving you the chance to win your very own bottle of L…
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RT @TXTranslations: 'Oh! Oh Hello~Ah I'm so surprised ah 😂 I am Tomorrow By Together's Huening Kai. Firstly, I'll introduce today's pol…
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RT @BettyBowers: Larry Kudlow, a man who spent $100,000/month on cocaine, will advise Trump on smart ways to spend our money.
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Facebook is used by 2bn people every month 🌍 As it becomes harder to reach & engage users organically, here we shar…
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#ItGetsBetter! This past month Global plug-in #ElectricCar sales reached the second-best result ever! The total sal…
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Despite the dangers, migration to #SaudiArabia from Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa continues. @Mixed_Migration's D…
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@matthewamad Sir please help, my NYSC allawee (savings) are running out, I can't feed myself next month.
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i spent all August in my bed doing nothing .. what a heavenly month
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MariaDB is going to be in Atlanta next month. Join us for a free day-long event to learn about #MariaDB #opensource…
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RT @Keeys_lee: I’m over this month 😔
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RT @tjbliss: @jimmy_wales reveals that there are about 18,000 new editors on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects each month.…
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GOD i just went to reply in greanne thread and realised my partner's last reply was. literally a month ago i am So Sorry
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August GIVEAWAY⏰ We will have 50$ #Paypal #Giveaway prize this month. To participate you will need: - To become a…
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It's my ten year reunion next month and wow.
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RT @faisalislam: I’m confident now that this document is from the past month, under Johnson administration. Former ministers do not…
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RT @ForexLive: What are markets currently expecting from the ECB next month?
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