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RT @businessinsider: Cartel wives reveal where El Chapo's money was hidden
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RT @Koloholic: Money spent on defenders in last 4 transfer windows: City: £180m Chelsea: £109m Spurs: £71m United: £68m ... Liverpool: £12m. Says it all.
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So you’re willing to Snitch out the Flores brothers and Chapo but you spent their money. You should be in prison to…
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#ALLSNKRS Exclusive: Nike's Bringing Back Reggie Miller's Sneakers to Help Fight Breast Cancer…
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jade is teaching me how to SCAM money
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Craving "Money In R10 500" by mistake nje!!!
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RT @hotfunkytown: The hurting people of Haiti never received a penny. Do you trust where the money the 5 presidents are raising for hurricane relief will go?
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RT @NotThatWendy: They are paid a LOT of money to entertain, and we are NOT entertained by them spewing their bile on TV or movie scr…
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@MrWiz OBVIOUSLY ME BRO I WAS JUST ABOUT TO. @ YOU I can book my stuff now and save my money 😭😭✊🏼✊🏼
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RT @Gbianca6: I swear people who show off money be the brokest lol
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RT @rochelleasquith: If I had a pound for every time I've been asked to work for free I'd have enough money to be able to work for free #payinterns
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RT @EdKrassen: 5 of the 6 living Presidents attended a benefit concert to raise money for hurricane relief. Can you guess who th…
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RT @mcronshaw: "I don't give money to homeless people because they'll just spend it on drugs" I've got news for you about your kids at uni Karen
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RT @LibDemPress: Disgraceful that £370k of taxpayers’ money was spent by the Govt trying to avoid tackling air pollution - @TimFarron
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@BrandonKole @balahimself Then work less hours and make less money
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RT @Freedom4Horses: To Point Out That Public Lands are Being Managed in Favor of the Minority Who Make Money Off Them and Nobody Wants…
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RT @allison_fisherr: hi ke$ha! we love you! can you help us raise money for our school? you’re touring nearby on december 1st! please we…
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This week will be the struggle... I needa save my money for VooDoo😩🙌🏻
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It's a perfect day to cash app ur fav big titty tweeter money for lunch
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