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RT @dyluska2: chce wam tylko przypomnieć że dokładnie rok temu dylan o'brien dodał po ośmiu latach filmik na swój kanał na yt, a…
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RT @Hamel_caroline: I lay on my side and I can feel my inner skinny bitch as the mom pouch slumps to the side. I rub my ribs and hips f…
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@CUTIEBOOTYMYG @BTSPublicity @SSibadogil @BTS_twt Please, use hashtags as well, luv💜 Do you want me to sing you a l…
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RT @NISAinEurope: In a single moment, everything can change. Fight for survival amidst an earth-shattering crisis in Disaster Report…
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Saying that, it is still funny. It just forces you into a moment of solemn reflection once you’re done laughing.
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RT @SiriusXMHits1: We take a moment to pause and remember this great moment in world history. @Harry_Styles
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RT @UrstrulyHNE: Remember this moment in #Maharshi Sets 👌 Six to sixties lo babu following...Next level 🤗🤗…
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RT @Juampi_HWJ: C’est fou, les matchs du PSG me manquent grave. La trêve estivale me paraît interminable. Pire, j’ai l’impression q…
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@chrispra0 I mean live in the moment, right?
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RT @paulmoment: @JuliusGoat Hot take: Biden's appeal to political nostalgia is just as fraught, problematic, and democratically tox…
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@mia_pants Huh!! Interesting you write this as I currently am taking a break from work doing landscaping....and can…
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11 years later and still not over this moment #11YearsOfCampRock
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RT @Alextrxm: quand tu passes un bon moment et que tout d’un coup tu penses à ton avenir
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RT @Alextrxm: quand tu passes un bon moment et que tout d’un coup tu penses à ton avenir
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RT @ohmovielines: “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.” —Up (2009)
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RT @_madswoo_: I will never get over this moment, look at hongjoong crying and seonghwa going to hug him. Hongjoong works so hard…
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RT @hugoDC18: Le moral en prend un sacré coup en ce moment..😐
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RT @TXTranslations: [20.06.19] Weverse Moment Update #TAEHYUN "The song is so good hehe." @TXT_members @TXT_bighit #태현 [WHAT SONG OM…
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Mixing my new song Release at the moment and it's starting to come together! Love happy moments like this 🙂…
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RT @BarackObama: Outside the Oval Office, I kept a painting of a small crowd huddled around a pocketwatch, waiting for the moment th…
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