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RT @Chaantellie: I spoke becoming an MUA into existence, I spoke becoming a model into existence now I’m trying to fulfill my long t…
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RT @Titanbaddie: Y'all remember "Posing for the homeless" on Americas next top model???? 💀💀💀💀💀
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戦略部門の募集を新たに始めています。The Modelの運営上で、客観的な視座で方向付けやアドバイスをする面白いポジションです。 分析のプロとしてセールスフォース・ドットコムを支えるスペシャリスト by 株式会社セールスフォース…
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photographer chuu and yves model au!
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RT @yerriim: favourite quotes from loonacon: - holy fuck vivi's SNATCHED - yves! yves hey girl, hey-OHMYGODFBDJW - i hate it! -…
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RT @CommonSense: Aside from being a strong role model, try these tips to minimize conflict and find a balance.…
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It's 9:23pm EST and your favorite Flirt is now online! @Flirt4Free
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RT @taeyongpictures: lee taeyong the model that you are today 😩 cr. omegi82
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Sky Resort ✂︎ #hair #color #cut #colour #salon #set #hammer #camera #amazing #like4like #instagood #instagram…
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RT @Titanbaddie: Y'all remember "Posing for the homeless" on Americas next top model???? 💀💀💀💀💀
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RT @pergijauh: Gue benci nih komenan model gini, semenjak era "yaelah baper" dan "gini dong ngegas!" Untuk counter komenan jadi ga…
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Gak nyangka udah genap setahun Asian Games 2018! Masih inget banget dulu waktu Opening Ceremony bela2in ngrogoh ko…
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Everything is now officially up on the site, Player 1 for July is now locked in to win one of 5 great prizes includ…
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RT @WohJon: @WillFealey @Tesla @elonmusk So after years of supporting Tesla, owning shares and finally splashing out on my drea…
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@Tesla 2015 Subaru WRX. For years it was my dream car. Owned it for 3 years until I saw the Model 3. I drove sti…
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I use to watch top model HEAVY with my sister. Like I use to be tuned in 😂😂
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The API-based Business Model #entrepreneurship #scaling #api via @bobvanluijt
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Model dinliyorum düştüğümüz hale bak iyice 2013 topu olduk
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RT @DionMulya: kemaren sempet pengen ikut kajian. trus nonton video ust. Abdul Somad yang jelek2in agama lain, gue jadi mengurungk…
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